Friday, January 20, 2012

For the love of the cow (and Carol Marine!)

Attached is a link to Carol Marine's website, an artist I discovered through my subscription to  I admire her amazing paintings, specifically for her unique brushstrokes, bright/beautiful colors, and excellent light/dark contrast.  Although she paints various subjects, I fell in love with her cow paintings. Of course my family will tell you that I have a natural affinity for all things related to the cow, and therefore deserve to receive (as gag gifts) any and all bovine paraphernalia. Without fail, each year, I receive anything from the cow-themed children's book to the cow costume to my recent favorite: a cow-themed plastic Kraft-singles dispenser.  Apparently, as a child, I used to make these crazy 'moo-moo-moo' sounds, and for this severe crime, I will be forever severely punished!! But in all seriousness, I do love cow themed paintings, and Carol Marine certainly captures their lovability.

Carol Marine

During a summer drive in 2008, we stumbled upon a herd of cows.  We had to make a sudden stop to the side of the road, and sadly, this herd must have thought we were stopping to feed them! They moved so fast and furiously to the edge of the fence, jostling to be in front of the pack, anxiously awaiting what we would do next...which, to their dismay, was simply to rearrange some luggage, stretch our legs, and greet them with some smiles and waves before we continued down the cute are they watching us, watching them?!

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