Thursday, January 5, 2012

Summer '11 photos: monkey art, skyscrapers, ice-cream trucks

How cute is this simple yet brilliant art found at our local pancake house? 

Some friends visited us for Halloween weekend (skipping Game 7 of 2011 World Series to boot), and above is wannabe-kid-Jeff building a skyscraper with my son, Jack

Piglet, Tigger, Winnie the Pooh

Homemade birthday card for my youngest, Caroline

Do you think I could get away with it?

Happy birthday Caroline!

I love this for two reasons: First, it captures a little bit of love despite our typical hurricane-filled day. Second, what an interesting view of our dining room rug, the pattern and beautiful colors, shades of blues, reds, corals.

August 2011 Block Party...this is why I absolutely LOVE our neighborhood....I have come to appreciate that kids not only still play together outside, but actually line up (politely, mind you) for the good old-fashioned ice cream truck!

Our house Aug 2011, pre-excavation project

Another reason I love our neighborhood: the beautiful view of Lake Erie at the little park across the street from our house!

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