Thursday, January 5, 2012

How does this work exactly?

I believe in the yin and yang of things. Everything in moderation. Work hard, play hard. In life, particularly in parenting as well as design, it is about finding that tricky balance. You want to teach your children everything while allowing them to learn on their own. You seek the perfect, brief window for bedtime when they are just tired enough, but not too much to fall asleep. You celebrate their adorable squishy thighs, belly laughs, innocent wonder and endless charm while pursuing superhuman patience to withstand their famous tantrums and meltdowns. Parenting is seeking constant balance through trial and error. Similarly, in design, I find it is most interesting to combine elements with different styles, origins, materials, and colors. It is about achieving juxtaposition, tension, and balance. It is mixing things with textures as opposite and contradictory as burlap and chocolate....and celebrating along the way. Only then, is life as rewarding as it is interesting.

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