Sunday, January 8, 2012

Newburyport, MA: House #2

After meeting while working in Chicago, we got married and moved to Kansas City, where we bought our first house. The cost of living was low, and we found a cozy, four bedroom house in Overland Park, KS....what sticker shock we experienced when we moved to the next city of Boston!!  We settled in an adorable, historical, coastal fishing village just north of downtown called Newburyport, MA.

In Newburyport, we moved into a "half-house" (see photo above), whereby we literally lived in one side of a house, incidentally approximately one-half the square footage (but double the price) of our Overland Park, KS house.

The town was full of charm and history, but the winter was bitter cold as was the general demeanor of its citizens. However, although I am a girl from the midwest at heart, I had made several friends from all over in college and while studying/traveling abroad.  As such, I recognized that different regions have slightly different 'personalities' you must appreciate (how boring would this world be if we were all clones of one another!)...Although we moved to Boston in the height of the snowy winter months, I loved it and wished we had stayed longer than the mere four months!!!  I fell in love with its history, charm, architecture, landscape, and ultimately, walk ability. Below are some random pictures while out and about in Newburyport.

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