Monday, January 30, 2012

Some Elle Decor (Living Room) Pics...

Some pics from Elle Decor archives I love...(living rooms)

A bit more contemporary than my taste, but I love the strong chevron pattern on floor, animal print pillows and pops of blues and greens

Lately, I am more and more drawn to darker hues for cozy is this little living room? I love how the glossy deep blue used for walls and trim is an unexpected complement to the zebra rug, wall pattern provided by arrangement of books, and pops of (red) color

So, I am not the only crazy one who picks bright yellow lamps for the living room! Love the repetition of yellow tones mixed with some blues and greens...and of course the animal print ottoman!

Love the dual-chromatic color scheme of diff shades of blues and reds, offset by the soft grey wall...beautiful and bold ikat drapes and large scale rug...also, interesting collection of photographs hung as art in diff sizes

Love this bold/funky navy rug and apple green ikat chairs, tempered with soft greys 

I have always loved the color combo of soft blues mixed with cream/beiges, and of course love the graphic print on rug! Also, like the juxtaposition of more formal elements (chandeliers) paired with more rustic pieces (wood table)

I am considering a deep green paint for our living room walls, and this room is an inspiration with the greens, yellows, browns.

What a fun and funky bright orange bar!! Love this!

I love all of the different bright and bold patterns, from the Greek key rug, animal print bench, and ikat pillows, to the funky artwork and flowers/plant on mantle, particularly how well they pop against the very neutral backdrop of whites and creams

Inviting deep taupe/grey color...this rooms looks so cozy and warm. Also, love how the arrangement of books in the built-ins provide visual interest/pattern on focal wall

My usual favs: animal prints, bright yellows, greens, Persian rugs...and I can't tell if those are actual books on the bookcases (they almost look too-organized-to-be-real!?)
Again, a bit more contemporary than my taste, but still a lover of the greens and yellows! Also, what fun gold lamps! Perhaps this is Don Draper's living room in the next season (CANNOT WAIT!!!)

Love the primary use of neutral shades of browns, taupes, with pops of colors (red lamps, orange/green/blue coffee table books) and once again, arrangement of books providing visual interest on far wall!

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