Saturday, February 11, 2012

Miles Redd Love...

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, let's discuss some LOVE, LOVE, LOVE for designer Miles Redd...

I am currently obsessed with rooms with deep, dark, cozy walls. Although dark, when lacquered and combined with strategically placed lamps/sconces, the light bounces off the walls, creating a warm glow.  One of my favorite inspiration rooms for this effect is designed by Miles Redd for a NY apartment.  The room is rich and energetic, with a mix of deep jewel tones, varying textures and layered elements.

Attached below are rooms designed by Miles Redd via Elle Decor...

I would love to use this deep blue Hague Blue by Farrow & Ball in our family room...also love his mix of varying shades of blues and pops of greens and, love, love!!
Brilliant style juxtaposition of traditional elements (accessories, hand-painted walls) with modern chevron floor
GOOD MORNING! Vivid green lacquered cabinets perhaps more potent than morning coffee?
Once again, F&B Hague Blue lacquered walls create cozy sitting room while pop of orange color provides energy...According to Redd, the beautiful Ikat fabric on chair "has every color in the apartment" 
Redd creates drama via mix of bold colors and large scale artwork over fireplace
Interesting mix of warm caramel-y browns (built-ins) with cooler taupe-y (sofa), with pops of vivid blues and green accents
Always a lover of large scale graphic prints, varying green tones, and metallic gold finishes!
Fascinated by unique and sophisticated emerald green leather doors with nailhead-trim!
I have always admired a successful collage of art in a random mix of sizes, shapes, styles....also love vivid reds and fabulous zebra print and nail-head trim doors
Obsessed with vivid greens, and of course, mix of traditional (chandelier, urn) and contemporary (suzani, animal print fabrics) styles
This is just pure aesthetic love, love, love...the bright cheery yellow lacquered tray, reflections of vivid orange pots, green accents from plants, fruits!
Again, use of F&B Hague Blue ...ironically, this blue gives a warm and cozy feel in kitchen
Love the dramatic impact of hanging large-scale wreath over mirror - brilliant!
Fabulous color combo of deep blues and reds and dynamic graphic patterned floor...LOVE this!

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