Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Silly over Stark Rugs

While living in Charlotte, I discovered a Stark Carpet store that sold remnants to the retail market...Once I visited this store I fell in love with their unique designs, beautiful materials, and range of styles from Persian/antiques/traditional to contemporary/graphic.  With the relatively lower cost of living (as compared to Boston), we bought a home with greater square footage in which the majority of rooms had hardwoods.  Our few small Persian and Pottery Barn rugs were not going to cut it.  Luckily, I found remnants from this source that yielded four different larger rugs!  If anyone is ever looking for a larger rug (i.e. 12x15, 16x20, etc.), they have wonderful customer service, reasonably priced/high quality pieces, and ship throughout the country.  If you call, they can mail you some samples, and they are great to work with.

When I did price comparisons, I found that if you can find a pattern/size that works through their outlet in Charlotte or One Kings Lane, they are slightly more expensive than say, a Pottery Barn Rug. However, after owning both for several years, there is no comparison in quality.  They are so much more durable and beautiful long term in my experience.

Design Center & Outlet
11415 Granite Street- Suite A
Charlotte, NC 28273-6429
Tel (704) 588-8842 Fax (704) 583-9804

Today's One King's Lane sales featured Stark rugs...some of my favs are included below.  I also added a few more to show more of their styles. They are featured on One King's Lane every few weeks or months, so be on the lookout!

Many of the Stark designs are by David Hicks
This is a great example of some of the graphic patterns they carry...

I purchased this Stark rug from One Kings Lane for my son, Charlie's room

I purchased this Stark rug from One Kings Lane for my son, Jack's room

Currently in our TV room and computer room
Currently in our living room and master bedroom

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