Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Random Pics from Feb/Captiva

Whenever I travel, I love to take photographs of anything that catches my eye: from a beautiful sequence of leaves, to an amazing sunset, to unique/quirky artwork, to an interesting pattern found on the sidewalk. Attached below are random pictures of interesting design...

We made Valentine's Day cards to distribute at school...though a bit chaotic with kids fighting over glue sticks and spots around the table, it turned out to be a fun, colorful project!

Long-awaited built-in bench for our kitchen, finally installed...just waiting to pick fabric for some cushions.  I think it completes the room!

Jack collected a bucket full of these little clam-like creatures that wash onto the beach and immediately bury themselves into the sand...

Kitschy British art found at local hot spot, Mucky Duck

Interesting pattern on sidewalk discovered on walk to Starbucks

During return trip, we discovered a series of student artwork displayed at Fort Meyers airport.  I loved this clever collage of various tiny photographs compiled to create an overall scenic picture of ocean/sky.

The following shots were taken during previous trips to Captiva (Spring/Summer 2011)

At Scoops and Slices eyeing the ice cream options....yum!
Beautiful topiary-esque flowering plants

Overzealous sand-castle construction

Captured Jellyfish by brave Daddy!

Took this pic in honor of my friend, Allison (West) Pacifico

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