Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Fun!

Summer is always a time I am even more camera happy than usual (if that is possible!)  Particularly, given the Cleveland climate in which we live, the gazillion photos capturing the few months of beautiful weather and scenery seems to keep me afloat throughout the year.  Plus, it just seems that the endless hours we spend outside always produce so many Kodak moments...Attached below are a few pics from this summer...

The princess with her skirt that "twirls" and all her glory

One morning I walked outside to find my little wannabe-Picasso sitting in a little folding chair, with a mug of markers by his feet drawing a scene of the backyard

Love the beautiful hydrangeas at CYC!

Not sure Jack fully understands the concept of the limbo game!

But he certainly loves clobbering everyone on the bounce house!

At our neighbor's graduation cool is this bench made out of hockey sticks!

A little ping pong anyone?

Determined to master a little game of corn hole...

We love to sidewalk chalk!

Neighborhood boys watching the cute!

My youngest, Caroline, protesting bedtime after we stayed at the neighbor's graduation party until 10:30, only 3 hrs past their bedtime! She thought she was 'hiding' from us!

One morning I came downstairs to find my oldest, Jack setting up his "workshop" (i.e. playing 'Daddy at the office')

Apparently, this is what happens if your 2 year old gets bored playing inside too much on a summer day...thank you, Fiber Seal for getting this out!!

Love little league baseball!!

This happened to be picture day, of course Jack is the only one without the team shirt!

Love how the baseball helmets are WAY too big...bobbleheads!

To (Wolverine) Daddy's dismay, Charlie was assigned to the 'Buckeye' least we got one team right (Cards!) with this ensemble!

Chasing after our babysitter, Mollie, with squirt guns, donning princess dress of course!

Rare moment of younger brother 'winning'

At a pirate themed birthday party, love the hats!

She is a boat sleeper!

A rare Martha Stewart moment at our house, making the goodie bags for Jack's bday party, I think they turned out pretty cute!

Taking Mema and Bepa Patterson to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame!

Our pretend 'pet' bunny Sophie, who frequents our backyard

Birthday Fun!

Our babysitter, Kaitlin took this adorable photo at the park!

Kaitlin took this one too!

Pretty view from our long work-in-progress front porch

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