Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Loving the Lilly Bathroom?

During my (roughly) annual trip to Lilly Pulitzer (since it is on the other side of Cleveland, I rarely go), I discovered the most adorable decorating idea in their bathroom (of all places)!  A simple white frame, repeated in staggered rows across hot pink walls, showcasing their different fabric patterns.  The white frames really pop against the vivid pink hue, making such a dramatic impact!

Incidentally, I have always admired her colorful, vibrant, energetic, and playful designs.  Certainly, this designer's 'trendiness' has had peaks and valleys over the years, but perhaps due to my Laura-Ashley (similar vibe), or art loving tendencies growing up, I will always love her fun designs!  Granted, some of you are likely thinking, 'Enough Lilly already!' ...too preppy...too 'Southern'... too frilly... too girly....too many summers ago....but I have a weakness for anything so colorful, whimsical, energetic, original, and genius in design.

Even more impressive are these beautiful massive murals painted throughout the dressing rooms by their fabric designer herself (can we talk about dream job?)...amazing work.  Next time, I will take some pics for sure!

Attached are some pics of the bathroom...

Some close-ups of the fabric designs...

So cute they even included a Lilly-clad changing table!

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