Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Note to (Entertaining) Self...

As I reflect on my frenzied day yesterday of cleaning, organizing, re-arranging, etc. our home, in preparation for a work party we threw for 40 plus people, I am equally relieved and amused that we pulled it off, without rain, without injury, without any major disasters...and I think (at least I hope) everyone genuinely enjoyed themselves, which is my definition of a successful party.  Yet, I have to laugh at the image of myself standing at my sink exactly 1 hour pre-party, un-showered, a sweaty/hot mess, surrounded by a kitchen floor covered in greenery shrapnel from flower arranging, florescent blue Popsicle goo from potty training rewards, and baby-sized footprints of pink yogurt all over the kitchen floor... Not to mention, the aftermath of our potty-training work in process lingering in our solo first floor bathroom...The place needed help fast! As usual, that last hour was a whirlwind of clean-up, (both of house and myself)! Nevertheless, we managed to pull it together...

Therefore, at the risk of sounding like June Cleaver (Leave it to Beaver) or Bree Van De Kamp (Desperate Housewives), both of which I am FAR from resembling, I am writing a little memo to myself for future entertaining references.... Just a few tips that I seem to forget somewhere in the space between parties....You would think I would learn my lesson from hosting one party to the next since we usually enjoy entertaining at least a few times each year.  However, I always seem to cram too many to-do's into the final 24-48 hrs leading up to the party.  In this case, I am blaming our massive excavation/water-proofing project that prohibited any entertaining throughout the past year, resulting in party-planning memory loss!

I always seem to forget how helpful it is to complete various tasks during the days PRIOR to throwing a party.  These tasks are always more time-consuming and exhausting than anticipated...

Things NOT to do DAY OF party.
  • Clean house
  • Create or rearrange music playlists
  • Re-organize bookshelves
  • Grocery trip for food OR flowers - (ALWAYS do day before)
  • Re-arrange furniture 
  • Relocate serving pieces, glassware, candlesticks, etc
  • Polish silver (as applicable)
  • Shuttle bins of toys to basement
  • Wash/dry/replace kitchen chair slipcovers
Things NOT to do within final HOUR before party:
  • Water outdoor flowers/bushes (esp after showering, too hot and sweaty!)
  • Arrange flowers - can be time consuming and very messy, esp if you are dealing w/ unfamiliar varieties (in my recent case: lisianthus, green spray mums)
  • Clothing selection (usually it is not an issue for me to pick this on the fly, but sometimes this can be a time sink upon any potential wardrobe malfunctions/indecisions!)
  • Self-mani or pedi
  • Toddler negotiations

Meanwhile, a few pics from getting ready for our party...I always forget to take pics of the final layout - table of food, tables/chairs outside, etc...It would be nice to have these for future reference, yet I forget EVERY time!

I just love this little Eugenia plant I found at Lowes...added bonus, since there was only one left, I received a nice discount!
Channeling my inner 'Lucia' for those who know my Mom!

Bar cart (work in process)

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