Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympics Obsessed!

It is finally here again: the highly anticipated Summer Olympic Games!  London 2012.  Why so much excitement some may say? The somewhat-dark-but-perhaps-increasingly-intriguing-Danny Boyle-directed-$40M-Opening Ceremonies, the rivalries (Phelps v Lochte), the records (Dana Vollmer's 55.98 100-fly), the rigorous training, the friendly competition among teammates and countries alike, the drama, the controversies (men's gymnastics medal mumbo-jumbo after Japan's scoring protest of Kohei Uchimura's performance), the uniform controversies (were the U.S. RL uniforms made in China? Some say they look more like "French students, rather than U.S. athletes?") the technicalities, the twitter drama (Hope Solo v Brandi Chastain), the heartaches and triumphs, the unprecedented athletic talent, the quirky new technique changes (i.e. re-engineering of swimming styles, new diving 'bounce' mid-approach), the romance (gold medalist Matt Grevers proposing to fellow swimmer Annie Chandler), the upsets (US gymnist Jordyn Weiber), the legacies (undefeated beach volleyball duo, Kerri Walsh/Misty May Treanor, just beat Czech Republic to mark their 31st set win in 3 consecutive Olympic games)....

Why am I am obsessed with both the winter AND summer Olympics? (As a sidebar, thankfully, we get our Olympics fix every 2 years versus the previously scheduled 4).....I could go on, and on, and on....

Enough said.  Attached are some cool pics from the 2012 London Olympics, courtesy of Google images....Enjoy!



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