Thursday, August 30, 2012

Favorite TV Shows...

As the summer is winding down, sadly we must say our good-bye's to our flip flops, water skis, sand pails, and margaritas; BUT, at least we have our fall TV to look forward to, right? Sadly, our DVR fills up faster than we can possibly entertain.  Perhaps this year, we will have to narrow our picks to a more manageable list.

Yet, there seems to be a show for every occasion...the shows that my hubby and I like to watch together, the guilty-pleasure, or what I like to call, 'junk food for the brain' shows, the informative/educational shows, the intriguing/suspense shows, the feel-good family-dramas, the comedies, etc.

Below are some of our favorites:

The ones we watch together...

By far, my husband Bob's favorite fall TV....he ATTEMPTS to work our entire schedule around Michigan football 

Absolutely HILARIOUS comedy about the nuances of friendships and husband is a clone (personality) of main character, Jeff!

Comedy/drama about typical family idiosyncrasies, challenges, dramas, relationship issues, etc....usually makes us feel as though we have NO problems after watching this show!

Set in 1960's NYC, brilliant drama about the private and professional lives of characters in the mid-century advertising world
A&E crime thriller series set in Big Sky country...based on the Longmire mystery novels by Craig Johnson

Guilty-pleasure, "junk food for the brain" shows...

Given my love for all things related to interior design, I fell in love with this show, and I am anxiously awaiting the (presumed) next season!

Juicy suspense/drama about a girl who seeks to avenge her father's death, set in the Hamptons

Hilarious parody about Upper East Side Manhattan and the shenanigans of its beautiful, young inhabitants...if for no other reason, fun to watch for the fashion/decor!

Hysterical comedy about an extended family and all its relatable scenarios, dynamics, antics, and quirky characters

Informative, educational shows...

With the crazy morning routine of getting everyone ready and out the door, little snippets of NBC's The Today Show keeps me sane...

I used to watch The View religiously, but I simply no longer  have the time....But, if I can sneak a peak, I still enjoy watching these ladies (from all over the political spectrum) hash it out!

We enjoy watching essentially anything on the History channel...

We find this show both highly informative and hilarious, as it features various people attempting to consign, sell, or pawn their antique/vintage treasures...this charismatic family run business navigates through countless treasures as people wonder, is it real or fake? what is it worth? what is its history?

Absolutely love watching the adorable Giada De Laurentiis on the Food Network and all of her delicious creations...she always has inventive, authentic recipes, and makes it look so easy!

Who doesn't love to watch Ina Garten's Barefood Contessa, also on Food Network?  You can pretend to join her for a trip to her local market, a cooking demo, and a charming lunch served in her beautiful East Hampton backyard!

Some shows that we used to watch but eliminated in the interest of time include Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Hot in Cleveland, Desperate Housewives, American Idol, The X Factor, Dancing with the Stars, The Bachelor, Pregnant in Heels, Real Housewives...

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