Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Gold Medal in the Design Category: Stella McCartney

After all the hoopla over the U.S. Olympic uniforms and surrounding controversies, including the outrage over their made-in-China manufacturing origins, or whether the grey color scheme and berets make them look more like French students than American athletes.... I have been noticing the interesting uniform designs of the various countries.  At the risk of turning Benedict Arnold on our team (of course I will ALWAYS cheer for Team U.S.A.), in my humble opinion, I have concluded Stella McCartney, for Great Britain wins the gold medal by a landslide in the design category!  I love the bold colors and large, off-set scale and interpretation of the British flag.  It is graphic, dynamic, creative, and fun. My favorite are the women's swim, love, love!

Attached are some photos of her cool designs:

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