Monday, August 20, 2012

The Bold Necklace

Growing up, I was more into playing sports, climbing trees, and creek-exploring versus barbies, dolls, and princesses.  However, I have always had a girly love for jewelry.  Perhaps I was originally inspired by the interesting pieces found in my mother's and grandmother's jewelry boxes.  I am not referring to the glitzy, Cinderella-esque, diamond-clad variety; rather, the one-of-a-kind pieces I imagined were acquired during traveling adventures to faraway lands.  These pieces may or may not have had any monetary value.  More importantly, they were unique and had an interesting design quality about them. They could have been designs of African heritage, Southwest American (turquoise, coral, sterling silver), Asian-inspired, art-deco, etc., and were made from various materials such as gemstones, pearls, crystal, gold, silver, wood, horn, and resin.

After college, I traveled with my Mom to Santa Fe, New Mexico, a haven for art and jewelry lovers.  I was in awe of the beautiful surrounding designs in architecture, sculpture, painting, pottery, jewelry, and landscape.  During this trip, I wore several necklaces that I had designed and made as a hobby.  After receiving many compliments, I decided to start my own little business, Claire Marie Jewelry.  I designed and created a website, and started selling my pieces through local markets, boutiques, charity events, and home shows. However, after several moves and the arrival of our three little babars, I had to put my little jewelry biz on hold for a while.  My earlier post includes examples of Claire Marie pieces.

Incidentally, Etsy is a wonderful website that hosts similar home-operated business ventures.  I love that it offers a centralized, community site for local homegrown businesses including textiles, clothing, jewelry, art, vintage pieces, and home wares. This site allows the millions of creative and talented people who do not have the resources (time and/or funds) to otherwise launch a full-scale business, an opportunity to market and sell their goods.

Although I am no longer designing, I am still a huge fan of interesting, bold, funky, statement jewelry...not in a materialistic, pretentious sort of way, rather, an appreciation for its aesthetic/design/work of art.  I particularly love some of the most simplistic designs (such as large freeform turquoise stones, or chunky coral nuggets) that are derived and inspired by the organic nature of the gemstones themselves...the bold colors, the organic versus geometric design, the repetition of colors or shapes, the juxtaposition of materials...I love how such pieces can be worn casually with jeans and a tee, or dressed up with the iconic LBD (little black dress).  I decided to get a little creative fix through browsing various sites, including Etsy, Endless, Shopstyle, NM, Nordstrom, Anthropologie, and other boutique/designer sites.  Below are a few favorites I stumbled upon today. Enjoy!

Yochi, turquoise agate via

Rachel Leigh, via

Tuleste, gold 'ribbon' via

Nest, pink jasper via NM

Amrita Singh, turquoise w gold via

Ofearth, turquoise w gold toggle, via Etsy
Tessyla, freeform turquoise howlite, via Etsy

Tessyla, white turquoise, via Etsy
Tesslya, freeform flat turquoise, via Etsy

Tessyla, coral, via Etsy

Tessyla, rectangle turquoise, via Etsy
Tessyla, orange turquoise, via Etsy

Tessyla, geometric turquoise howlite, via Etsy

Tessyla, green freeform turquoise howlite, via Etsy

Dolcefinodesigns, wood & silver, via Etsy

Dolcefinodesigns, howlite with silver, via Etsy

Dolcefinodesigns, turquoise w coral & silver cross, via Etsy
Dolcefinodesigns, seafoam agate, via Etsy

CuppaCoffee, mosaic green turquoise, via Etsy

CuppaCoffee, Amazonite bib, via Etsy

TaraLynEvans, orange howlite and amber, via Etsy
TaraLynEvans, white howlite bamboo shaped, via Etsy

TaraLynEvans, green agate and jade, via Etsy

TaraLynEvans, jade, agate, white howlite, via Etsy

TaraLynEvans, turquoise, agate, howlite, 'tribal' bib, via Etsy

GemPearls, yellow turquoise, via Etsy

The following are additional interesting finds via designer/boutique sources...

Halaby, gold leaves, via

Vintage Chanel via

Kenneth Jay Lane, gold box bib, via

Lulu Frost, via

Sequin, via

Azure, via

Bounkit, lapis and green amethyst, via charmandchain,com

Fiona Paxton, via

Fiona Paxton, via

Fiona Paxton via Endless

Fiona Paxton

Fiona Paxton

Fiona Paxton, love the art deco-with-a-modern-twist!

Fiona Paxton

Micha Design, via Nordstrom
Tory Burch, via Nordstrom

Oscar de la Renta, via

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