Sunday, August 5, 2012

When in rains it pours LOTS of fun!!

What are the chances? My sister and closest childhood friend each typically make a trip with their families to Cleveland to visit us (roughly) once a year.  Crazy timing/coordination of schedules this year led to back to back visits during the same week!  Luckily, we found that spending time with sisters/cousins/old friends + lots of swimming + beautiful weather + calm Lake Erie for boating + ice cream outings + Cleveland Zoo + Tim McGraw/Kenny Chesney concert + amazing sunsets + delicious patio dinners + 6 kids under one roof = lots of good laughter and fun.

Coincidentally, my son's best preschool friend who expatriated to Switzerland for a few years ALSO happened to be in town visiting with his family during the same week!  It was great to catch up with our visitors, and it was equally sweet to see all the little ones having fun with each other, as if no time had passed.  To top it off, we even ran into three of our neighborhood friends while anchoring at a nearby beach...Apparently, when it rains, it pours LOTS of fun!

Jack and his best preschool buddy, Drew, visiting from Switzerland

Jack & Drew

Jack setting the table

Older cousin, Hannah, showing Caroline how to potty train!

Swimming with cousins at CYC

With the Russo cousins at Mitchell's Ice Cream!

Trip to the Cleveland Zoo


Enjoying the slides at the RR pool

"Mom, I don't think it is time to leave yet!"

At the airport, early morning goodbye to Russo cousins! We will miss you!

Little Pattersons + Little Schwanekes

Watching the sun set across the street

Look who I found hiding under the table!

We ran into our friends Carson and Caleb while anchoring at Wagar Beach!

Dinner at Vento, Bay Village

Hunting for sea glass at Huntington Beach

Mary Claire & Caroline before dinner at CYC

Playing 'Duck-Duck-Goose' before dinner

Little girls watching a beautiful bride take photos, so sweet!

Adorable Christopher!


  1. Claire-this brings tears to my eyes. I am blessed to have our families cross paths! Xoxo. Mimi

  2. Thanks Mimi! We had so much fun with you guys that day! Of course, now Charlie is asking me daily when we can have a playdate w Carson and Caleb!