Monday, September 24, 2012

2012 Emmy Gown Review...

I realize I am by no means the official fashion police by any stretch of the imagination....but just thought it would be fun to give some commentary here...


The top of my 'best dressed' list goes to Jon Hamm, naturally

My FAV dress of the evening....I loved Padma Lakshmi's bold, cheerful tangerine hue and figure-flattering silhouette

Although I tend to dislike busty figures in plunging strapless gowns such as these, I think Kat Dennings (whom I love) looked stunning in this one. I loved the geometric lines of the gathered fabric and modern design of her dress

Mad Men's Kiernan Shipka is so adorable in this age-appropriate full skirted, simple silhouette

I love the color and interesting large scale print of Ginnifer Goodwin's dress...I just wish it did NOT have the asymmetrical hemline

Love the emerald green color and design of Allison William's peplum strapless dress.

Lucy Liu adorable in this fun, disco-ball-inspired strapless dress

Love the bold citrus yellow color and simple design of Julie Bowen's dress, but NOT her hair style...perhaps better up?

Loved this free-spirit hippie-ish design. on Leslie Mann, esp with the turquoise jewelry

Love the color of Lara Spencer's gown, but the ill-placed black lace shoulder creates confusion b/w a sporty vs. romantic vibe

Loved Portia de Rossi's unique, interesting nude colored pant/dress/jumpsuit

Beautiful gown and color is very pretty on Sarah Hyland, but did NOT love the ringlet curls

Very cool dress, but did not love it on Edie Falco, particularly...too young for her

My JUST-SO-SO's...

This gown was just so-so....white color was not as flattering as other colors would have been on beautiful Jessica Pare...

This style looked better on live footage versus photograph...but gown did not excite me...Heidi Klum is always beautiful, however!

Pretty and simple sequin gown, but perhaps too droopy on top for Kerry Washington's petite frame

Sofia Vergara is always gorgeous, but this gown could have been simplified a bit....too much going on, very mermaid-ish

Not a big fan of this grape-jam colored gown, but simple style is pretty on Tina Fey...CORRECTION: After seeing this dress in other photos, I have concluded it is a prettier burgundy red versus grape-jam purple 

Style and color are pretty on Julianne Hough, but wasn't a big fan of the seemingly sheer turquoise fabric over neutral under-layer....cheapens the overall appearance of the dress

LOVE the color, but the style of Julianne Moore's gown was just TOO much....the high-neck + long arm should have yielded a more simplified skirt, or full skirt should have been paired with a more simplified top...too much fabric!

LOVE the color of Claire Danes' dress, but I have seen more flattering maternity was a little awkward and sloppy, like she half-tucked her top into her skirt...

LOVE Revenge's Emily VanCamp, but not so much this dress on her...could have been pretty, but the strange lines around hip area seem unflattering...

This neutral colored gown did nothing for adorable Amanda Peet....

Nicole Kidman: This gown has potential, until the designer created the weird wings down her legs....throwback to a 1980's Thunderbird sports-car with the eagle on the hood, perhaps?

Looks like Zosia Mamet is going to a Star-Wars-themed costume party....

Although Ashley Judd is one of my favorite actresses, it appears she is headed for a Disney-princess-themed costume party?

The criss-cross design repeats here, but wasn't a big fan of January Jones' gown...too harsh and stiff looking

Kristen Wiig's T-length is too casual for the occasion....also, the nightgown-ish style looks more suited for a baby shower or walk on the beach

The dress itself is not bad, but paired with Kelly Osbourne's matching hued hair, just throws the entire look off....

Love, love, love the color (esp on Julia Louis-Dreyfuss), but the top seems ill-fitting....makes her boobs look awkward

Very ill-fitting on Christina Hendrick's curvy figure...belt looks like it is squeezing her too tight

Colors are pretty on Julianna Margulies, but too Laura Ashley bedspread-ish...didn't you know several people with similar bedding for their college dorm rooms?

Elisabeth Moss: reminiscent of an 80's Laura Ashley prom dress, perhaps?

The criss cross web-like effect of Hayden Panettiere's gown could have worked if the under-layer was the same blue hue...the nude under-layer just does not work...

Criss-cross motif again...looks like Glenn Close just stepped through a large black yarn spider web at a Halloween haunted house....

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