Sunday, October 28, 2012


Not sure if it is due to the incessant 72-hour rain storm we have been having this weekend...or the general exhaustion from a very busy yet FUN weekend.  But, I am feeling a bit uninspired this year on the pumpkin carving front.  So, I decided to look online at some fun, creative ideas.   Some of these are rather complex...not sure where people find the time!  Now, let's just hope Hurricane Sandy skips the Cleveland region so we can all enjoy Halloween this year!

See below for some design inspiration.

Monday, October 22, 2012

St. Louis Cardinals Photos: Old and New

Cardinals fans, what do you expect? It would not be the St. Louis Cardinals without A LOT of drama, right?....The momentum has shifted to the Giants, as they won the last two games, forcing Game 7 of the NLCS in San Francisco tonight.

But, we have certainly been here before.  We have faced elimination and somehow managed to pull it off, often in the 9th inning, with two outs, and two strikes to boot.  We CAN do this.  Tonight, the Cardinals must beat the Giants, to secure a chance to face the Detroit Tigers, and attempt to repeat their 2011 World Series win...

Wanted to share some fun Cardinals photos, some old, some new...(obtained via Google Images)... Enjoy!

This one is for my friend, Corrie Reitz Schoemehl, of her dad, Ken Reitz