Thursday, October 18, 2012

2012 MLB Playoffs...Historical Chart

Since I am a nerdy lover of all things facts/statistics/trends/charts/graphs....I found an interesting historical graphic at by Josh Renaud, comparing the final four teams in the 2012 MLB playoffs...the link to chart is provided below.

Comparing four historic franchises

Four teams remain in the hunt for the World Series, and each has an impressive pedigree.
Here's a comparison of each franchise's history since 1901.
KEY:  Won World Series  Lost World Series  Playoff appearance
(moving from 1901 = far left to 2011 = far right)
(height of each bar corresponds with number of wins per season)

St. Louis Cardinals

San Francisco Giants

New York Yankees

Detroit Tigers

Cardinals. Giants. Yankees. Tigers. Compare the historic pedigrees of the four teams that remain in the MLB playoffs.

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