Saturday, October 13, 2012


Last night, 10 p.m. watching the St. Louis Cardinals playoff game, disappointed by an early deficit of 6-0 against the Nationals...embarrassed to admit that I was ready to throw in the towel...particularly after a long and exhausting week.

I head to bed and can't fall to sleep, wondering the despite our swearing off all gadgets in our bedroom, I grabbed my iphone, jumped under the covers next to my fast asleep husband, and 'watched' the game up to the 7th inning, around 11:45 via ESPN mobile app baseball field diagram...excited they were finally scoring some runs, but still down 5-7, I finally fell asleep.

This morning I woke to the exciting news of yet another improbable win...The Cardinals pull it out at the end with 4 runs in the 9th inning to win it 9-7....

Wait, am I having deja vu? 9th inning, down 5-7, one strike away from elimination and they turn it around?!.....Have we seen this scenario before? The Cardinals were in the same exact predicament one year ago in game 6 of the World Series, down 5-7 in the 9th inning, one strike away from elimination...they pulled off a win to go on to game 7 and win the World Series!

Last night was an exciting night for Cards fans...So, now onto the next round.  We face the San Francisco Giants, AGAIN!!


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