Sunday, October 28, 2012


Not sure if it is due to the incessant 72-hour rain storm we have been having this weekend...or the general exhaustion from a very busy yet FUN weekend.  But, I am feeling a bit uninspired this year on the pumpkin carving front.  So, I decided to look online at some fun, creative ideas.   Some of these are rather complex...not sure where people find the time!  Now, let's just hope Hurricane Sandy skips the Cleveland region so we can all enjoy Halloween this year!

See below for some design inspiration.


  1. Hi, glad to have found your blog. My family never had much interest in Halloween, but the pumpkin carving is amazing.
    Take care,
    2. Cousin from "Up North"

  2. Thanks for your message! Who is this from? Sorry for confusion ; ) Happy Halloween!