Monday, December 10, 2012

30 Top Holiday Movies...

One of my favorite things to do during the holiday season is to watch all of the fun, heartwarming, hilarious, sentimental, and/or silly holiday movies! Some for the kids, some for the laughs, some for the classic ritual...Whatever your mood, there is an endless array of holiday flicks from which to choose!

Most of these I have seen, and enjoy year after year...however, a few I have yet to watch.  In no particular order, I gathered the following 30 selections from a few different 'Top Holiday Movie' lists.  I organized them into four different groups: The Classics, For Kids, Comedy, and Romance/Sentimental/Tearjerker. Clearly, these are not all Oscar-worthy films, but hopefully you will find them entertaining nevertheless! Happy holidays!

The Classics...

(1) It's A Wonderful Life

(2) Miracle on 34th Street ('47)

(3) Meet Me in St. Louis

(4) Holiday Inn

(5) A Christmas Carol

(6) White Christmas

For Kids...

(7) Charlie Brown Christmas

(8) Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

(9) Frosty the Snowman

(10) How the Grinch Stole Christmas

(11) The Polar Express

(12) The Muppet Christmas Carol

(13) Curious George, A Very Monkey Christmas

(14) Santa Buddies

(15) Arthur Christmas


(16) Christmas Vacation

(17) Christmas Story

(18) Scrooged

(19) Home Alone

(20) Home Alone 2 - NYC

(21) Elf

(22) Four Christmases

(23) Deck the Halls

(24) Christmas with the Kranks

(25) Home for the Holidays


(26) Love Actually

(27) The Holiday

(28) The Family Stone

(29) While You Were Sleeping

(30) Bridget Jones Diary

Addendum: After sharing a link to this post, some reviewers suggested the following additions...Thanks everyone for your feedback, I will have to check them out!

Die Hard
The Ref
Family Man
Christmas in Connecticut
Remember the Night
A Very Brady Christmas

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