Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ready to Travel?

Last night, my Mom sent me a forward (which happens rarely), so I knew it had to be good.  The following is a series of incredible photographs from around the world.  Each one is more breathtaking than the next! Unfortunately, there were no credits attached to give proper thanks to the talented photographers who took these photos.  Nevertheless, if these pictures don't inspire travel fever, I am not sure what will....Enjoy!

Vietnam .. Family boating on the Canal River through a paddyfield.

Spectacular New Zealand 

Facing a Giant Manta Ray in an Aquarium.

Enchanted River is found in Philippines . It Named “enchanted”
because no one has ever reached its bottom. Many people,
including scuba divers, have tried reaching for the bottom but
have failed, hence the legend of its bottomless pit. Moreover,
locals share that NOBODY has been successful in catching the fish
in this river, whether by hand or by spear. They say its bluish
color is a result of its depth and the water clarity changes
throughout the day. At around 12:00 pm, the water
becomes clearer and even more majestic.  

Under the clear blue water of Lake Huron in Michigan/Ontario. 

3 D Street Art, Rennes, France.
Tree house, Philippines.

A stone path across a lake in Poland.

Ausangate mountain, Peru. Want to go on a trek? 

Elakala Waterfalls ~ Blackwater Falls
State Park, West Virginia.

Zhangjiaje Stone Forest - Hunan, China.
It was the inspiration for the floating
mountains in the movie "Avatar."

Hong Kong at night

Purple and Orange Starfish on the Beach.


 A forest of bent pine trees in Poland (Crooked Forest).

Christ the Redeemer Statue overlooking all of Rio is spectacular!
It can be seen from everywhere. The majority of people who
live there know exactly who it is and respect it for what it stands.

Annual Red Crab Migration.
Each year millions of bright red land crabs leave their burrow
homes on Australia 's Christmas Island and start a long, laborious
trek toward the sea. They descend cliffs, climb banks and maneuver
around obstacles to reach the shoreline and lay their eggs, eventually
returning to the island's central plateau with their offspring in tow.
The synchronized migration resembles a crimson-colored river
undulating across the island and can last up to 18 days. The event
typically lasts over two weeks in November or Dec(the crabs will only
move when it's raining) and coincides with the turning of high tide
and the arrival of the waning moon.    

Unbelievale!The Inhabited Volcanic Island of Aogashima, Japan. 

Guelta d'Archei Oasis, Sahara Desert.

Victoria water lily. Native only to the Amazon river. 

Gudvangen, Norway.

Tibetan Bridge in Claviere, Piedmont, Italy. 

Awesome Lighted Cherry Blossom Lake Sakura, Japan 

Prskalo Waterfall, Serbia.

Giant Redwood Forest, California  

Cave Hotel - Cederberg Mountains, South Africa.

Vanishing Underwater Roller Coaster in Japan

Amalfi Coast - Italy

A Bougainvillea Patio Garden, Spain

Gorgeous reflection. 

Voringfossen waterfall, Norway

Preikestolen, Norway.

The Great Articulated Elephant, Nantes, France.

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