Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Local Artist, Mary Deutschman Art Exhibit

One of my favorite local artists, Mary Deutschman, recently had an art exhibition in the Gordon Building in Crocker Park (Westlake).  Her work will remain in this building for the next year. I visited her exhibit and was thoroughly impressed as always!  She has traveled and lived in various places around the world.  The subjects of her work primarily include everyday market scenes, landscapes, and jazz musicians.  I find her work inspiring for various reasons.

First, it seems artists often master the ability to incorporate a wide range of color or light-to-dark tone in a mutually exclusive manner.  Either they  use a wide variety of colors with little light-to-dark contrast or vice versa.  She has mastered both of these painting fundamentals in each of her works.  Furthermore, I love they way she takes an everyday scene of people strolling the West Side Market (Cleveland), for example, and creates such a beautiful, lively composition.  She creates a high degree of depth and warmth via her use of color, tone, and sharpness/style of brush strokes.  I have included photos of her works from this exhibit below.

She has recently released a book called No Experience Required! Water Soluble Oils which features her work process from preliminary sketches to final product, and can be purchased on Amazon.  A link to her website is as follows:

Enjoy her work below!

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