Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fun & Easy Halloween Crafts....

Yesterday as we were getting ready to go out on a date night, my kids were stirring about the house, restless, and bored...borderline reaching (what I like to call) 'Gremlin' mode.  I was frustrated that they could not go outside to get their crazies out since it was "raining buckets" (as my 4 yr old would say) ALL DAY LONG....So, I decided to pull together a rather simple "craft" (if you can even call it that) and grab orange, black, white, and green construction paper, scissors, and glue, and corral them into making pumpkins.  It was nothing 'Pinterest' worthy, but I had 20 minutes to get dressed and out the door, and this was the best I could come up with to keep them busy and out of my hair.  They had tons of fun and each came up with their own unique pumpkin variation.

So, I was inspired to come up with some more creative craft ideas and found some fun and simple ideas on the Internet...SIMPLE being the key word because if it requires too much planning, coordinating, and execution, I know we are NOT currently feeling Martha Stewart enough to pull it off....Some look easier than others, but hopefully enough interesting ideas to provide some inspiration...for anyone needing to get their kids' crazies out!

I added a few decor-related pics for fun...


THIS is my #1 Favorite Halloween craft idea, made from paint chips from Lowe' simple and cute!

Upside down Keebler striped cookies, orange frosting, and Hershey Kisses...

I love anything that involves our kids' foot/hand prints...SO cute!

Not sure how to effectively attach these pipe cleaners, but thought this was cute!

This one is for my creative and talented baker friend, Laura Goldberg...I could totally see her making this for a Halloween party!

LOVED this idea for making little haunted houses...looks more complicated than it likely cute!

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