Thursday, October 10, 2013

Loving the Reclaimed/Salvaged/Distressed Wood Look...

It is a trend that has been in session for a few years now (or so it seems)...Reclaimed, salvaged, or distressed wood.  It interjects a light, airy, cozy feel to a room, and can be mixed with equally casual elements or juxtaposed with other sleek, formal finishes such as marble, brass, lacquered paint, etc.  It looks beautiful when paired with a monochromatic scheme of all light, neutral tones, reminiscent of Northern European (i.e. Belgian) designs, OR when mixed with darker tones providing interesting depth and contrast. I love the rustic French-farmhouse-chic feel this wood gives to a room.  I can just picture cozying up with a good book and cup of coffee...

With most of my interiors being a more traditional style (mixed with some funky/contemporary twists), mahogany wood has permeated most of our furniture.  But, we are currently in the process of moving into a new home that had a beautiful RL distressed wood trestle dining table, so we have decided to embrace this look for the room.  We are actually inheriting all of the furniture in this dining/living (combo) room, except for the dining table.  So, we needed to find a replacement.  The following photos are some of my selections....

The Dining/Living (Combo) Room of New House...


Hitch Exclusives


Kathy Kue

Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware

I decided to collect some inspiration photos of other kitchen and dining rooms with distressed or salvaged wood as a main design element in the form of ceiling beams, islands, tables, chairs, and doors...Each of the following beautifully designed rooms has its own unique spin on the distressed or reclaimed wood trend.  Enjoy!

Love the warm, organic feel of this wood island against the sleek white surrounding cabinetry

Fantastic reclaimed pantry doors offers an interesting balance to the brass and stainless finishes

Love the pops of red in the chairs against the monochromatic wood finishes in table and floors...

Distressed wood beams create such an inviting and cozy space

Love, love, love this salvaged wood vanity in bathroom

Love the contrast b/w the dark wood (rustic) beams and the light, airy white marble island, chairs, and cabinetry 

Very charming, French-chic-farmhouse about that fabulously large sink!?

So many things I love in this room, the ceiling beams against the white walls, beautiful wood tones in the island, architectural detail in the white subway tile and range (arched) hood and fun pops of organic green

Again, so many things to love here...fab HUGE windows facing beautiful green trees, long wood table/island with a visually waving row of chairs, statement stainless range hood, taupe cabinets...

How quaint is this outdoor distressed wood table and chairs against the beautiful stone patio with pops of greenery!?

Love the lighting in this room....such a refreshing, light, airy feel grounded by the reclaimed wood table and chairs.

Again, love the juxtaposition of the more urban elements of stainless finishes, marble countertop, and contemporary bar stools with the farmhouse influences of exposed beams and carriage lanterns 

A sliding reclaimed door to a bathroom? Fabulous!

Although the wood island is not exactly the same 'distressed' wood finish, I came across this pic and just LOVED this kitchen so much, had to include it....the light v dark contrasting elements provide so much energy and interest to this space...the exposed natural red brick, AMAZING black lanterns...(these could be my favorite of all time), and beautiful, varying wood tones in the floor mixed with all white cabinetry, counters and range hood...Also love the inset glass doors in upper cabinetry....brilliant!

Another view of this same!!

The following photos were obtained from a fav blog...The Enchanted Home...

Not a huge fan of the 'plum' colored chair covers, but love the distressed wood ceiling and table mixed with taupe painted wood walls and trim.

Again, love the mix of warm tones in the reclaimed wood and cooler, clay-like taupe colors on walls and trim....The collection of art in gilded frames are icing on the cake here! I have always LOVED gold finishes paired with taupe...

Love the distressed wood beams, and same brown tones repeated in pillows, coffee table, and chairs...beautifully paired with creams and blues....

Wine cellar? drenched in distressed/reclaimed wood  = pure design bliss

This cozy little nook for boys, is heavenly!

So many interesting elements here...reclaimed wood cabinetry and shelving, stone arched doorway, graphic punch provided by vertical wine bottle storage...ready for a glass of wine, please!

Love the interesting mix of seating pieces here...the French tufted settee, cane chairs and Southwest-inspired stool, and the mix of casual v formal elements with the organic bamboo valences (casual) v the crystal chandelier (formal), for example...pretty wall color too, by the way!

Love the parquetry floor, mix of wood tones and that collection/arrangement of artwork is pure design eye candy!

Love the rustic feel of these beams mixed with modern kitchen appliances...

Love so many things in this kitchen...the salvaged wood beams, putty colored cabinetry, pops of kelly green in ceramics, warm wood tones in the all flows beautifully!

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