Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Deer, Deer, Everywhere!

I fear this blog post may create some controversy among my animal loving readers, so please bear with me ; )

I am not sure if it is due to the approaching holidays, but suddenly I am seeing deer/reindeer all over the place in home decor!  From catalogs to design magazines, from paper mache to brass....this friendly little animal motif is popping up everywhere right now. 

Perhaps I am noticing them more since we happen to have a little deer head of our own.  Although, ours was hung more from hunter's interest than fashion statement.  It certainly took me a while to accept my husband putting his prized hunting trophy square in our family room...But after our kids named him "King of the Forest" and decorated him for the holidays, he started to grow on me.  

The following link provides an interesting article from NYT about this trend in design over the last decade or so....

As a side note, for the anti-hunters out there...It is easy to think that all hunters are just cruel, ego-maniacs, seeking the death of an innocent animal...I do understand and respect your point of view.  But with two family members who do NOT fit this bill, I had to hope there is more to the story....When I was coming to terms with my brother and husband perched in a deer stand waiting to hunt these cute, innocent animals, I was comforted to learn that deer hunting is legal for a valid reason (in addition to the fact that they donate their deer meat to local residents).  The local farmers who own the hunting land welcome deer hunters for population control.  The excessive deer population has infringed on crop production, natural habitats of other animals, and the land's carrying capacity, or ability to sufficiently feed its animals....Additionally, in some parts of the U.S. managed deer hunting is encouraged due to excessive lethal car/deer accidents.  Bottom line, it is more about the trophy or sport of it.  Deer hunting can benefit the surrounding ecosystem as a whole.

With regard to decor, I do think the deer gives a room some personality, (if not conversation/debate piece) and adds a cozy, hunting-lodge vibe to a room.

See pics below of our King of the Forest (in our most recent home)...pics in his new home are yet to come...

This is our Elf on the Shelf's favorite hiding spot!

So, I thought it would be fun to see how others incorporate deer heads or antlers into their rooms for home design.  I collected the following pictures for inspiration...

Love how these antlers are grouped together for a statement/focal wall...

What an unexpected yet charming place to spot a deer head?

Love the painted chevron wall as backdrop for (faux) deer head

This one is my favorite pic...Love the placement of deer here, as if he is greeting you by the door, and old reclaimed wood floors and monochromatic, neutral color scheme.  Very cozy and warm space.

Very traditional or typical use of deer head in this log-cabin/hunting lodge decor...

Love this unique treatment for faux deer head, mounted on square of reclaimed wood....creates interesting juxtaposition against the sleek striped painted wall.

OK, how adorable is this for the holidays!!  Love the ample greenery around neck of the deer....very festive and fun!

The casual flavor of this deer head balances the more formal elements in this room, creating a warm cozy space....

This deer head adds tons of personality in this boy's room...love the grass/kelly green wall and buffalo check duvet...

Very quaint/subtle use of faux antelope head in this charming bedroom...

Love how the deer pops against the slate blue painted wall and how it serves as focal point in this cozy space....how awesome is that geometric floor by the way!?

Another example of an interesting wall paper patterned square of wall as backdrop for deer....Love the monochromatic, neutral tones in this room with pops of orangey-red.

Similar to above pic, could be same space, rearranged?

I have always loved the orange/blue color combo!  Love how space above mantle is covered in orange with a gold frame around deer...a more modern take on the deer head!

MacKenzie Childs (MC) lovers take note....this entire room seems to be adorned in beautiful MC patterns and pieces....

How cute is this deer head used in an outdoor space, just below the lantern and with a gold frame around neck?  So charming.

OK, so this might be a moose head, but loved the space, (stone fireplace surround, modern wing chairs grouped around round coffee table, lodge chandelier, ceiling beams, etc.) so had to include this pic!

Again, a more traditional use of deer head in a typically rustic, log-cabin, lodge-y vibe, in this amazing outdoor space.

An impressive, large scale use of this motif...

Meanwhile, as mentioned above, deer/reindeer products are popping up everywhere.  Here are just a few cute ones I have seen recently...

Arhaus (cute little reindeer hooks)


World Market (door mat)

World Market (ornaments)

World Market

One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane (book ends)

One Kings Lane (brass trinket box)

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn (butter dish)

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