Sunday, November 10, 2013

Teacher Gift Ideas for the Holidays...

As we are quickly approaching the holidays, I wanted to start my radar for gift ideas.  No worries, I am NOT that organized to actually START my holiday shopping...just THINKING about it.

I came across a great little article from magazine (May 2013), "Great Teacher Gifts." It inspired me to research some other sources and share these tips (,,, and my favorite...from blog). 

It is always tricky to know what to give our treasured teachers around the holidays, as I am sure they receive plenty baked goods, ornaments, mugs, candles, and misc trinkets.  After caring for our children day after day (from the mundane: wiping noses, easing fears, kissing boo-boos, to the profound: teaching lessons, inspiring ideas, coordinating arts & crafts) and giving them the best gift of all (a love of learning) they deserve something thoughtful and meaningful.  Yet, it can be challenging to come up with good ideas around the busy-ness and chaos of holiday time.

The following were tips from the different sources referenced above:

#1 GIFT: A NOTE FROM (YOU OR) YOUR CHILD - Give your kiddo some prompts to start him/her off: "Thank you for always being so..."  or "I really like it when you..."  A preschooler can draw a picture and dictate his/her thoughts to you.

When asked, teachers listed 'notes from students and/or parents' as their top meaningful gift, one that they "treasure and keep for future reference", one that "makes their job worthwhile", and the one they "go back to and read when they are having a rough day."

GIFT CARDS (Starbucks, Target, spa, movies, restaurant, bookstore)- Bump up the personal touch by slipping the card inside a scrapbook or attaching it to a box of homemade cookies.

Teachers are selfless individuals by nature, and giving them this opportunity to treat themselves is greatly appreciated.

SUPPLIES - Many teachers shell out their own money for classroom necessities like crayons and tissues.  Ask your child's teacher what she needs for this year (or next) and stock up.

FRAMED PHOTOS - Of the class, of a field trip, of your child alongside his/her teacher.

POSITIVE FEEDBACK - Write to the principal, praising the teacher's specific qualities in a letter.  Then, include a copy when you send the teacher a thank-you note.

DONATION TO A CHARITY (in name of teacher/classroom)

COMBINED GIFT (pool funds from everyone in the class to get one larger gift, gift card, etc.)

Any additional gift ideas or thoughts are welcome!!

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