Friday, October 10, 2014

Crazy for Color Gradation...

As we are getting into the fall holiday spirit, I wanted to come up with a fun craft the kids could do that would double as a decoration....So, as major color-lovers, we came up with a candy-corn inspired paper garland.  It was super easy and fun to create....My 3rd grader, Jack, came up with the alternating color pattern.  All that is required is card stock, scissors, glue, a hole-punch, and baker's twine.

Our candy-corn-inspired garland, final product ; )

This color gradation project in turn, inspired another home design project I have been wanting to try for a while.  Ever since I spotted Kourtney Kardashian's color-coded bookshelves, I fell in love with this idea (see prior blog post)...

Kourtney Kardashian's Home Office

....I wanted to give it a try in our TV room.  Clearly, we do not have as many shelves to accomplish such a dramatic visual bang, but the color geek in me was pretty happy with the result (and the project with help from the kids was fun to boot!!)....

Caroline with our end product...

Below are some additional inspiration sources for color-coded book shelves.  I love the major color impact these add to a room.  Whether arranged against dark or light colored shelves, they inject energy and whimsy into a space.  Happy fall!!

Bistro du Vin in London


Chic Geek

Good Housekeeping

Homes and Gardens Magazine

Huffington Post

Real Simple

San Francisco Adobe Bookshop

San Francisco Adobe Bookshop

The Lovely Little Things Blog

How about arranging books this way? Brilliant!

Windsor Smith Library 

Vogue (Lulu DK's Library)

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