Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Paddington Movie - A Must See!

The newly released Paddington movie, written and directed by Paul King, produced by (Harry Potter's) David Heyman is a must see! This movie adaptation of Michael Bond's 1958 literary creation was fantastic.  Everything from the heartwarming Peruvian bear-looking-for-a-home-in-England story to the charming and glorious London neighborhoods and landmarks including Paddington Station, Buckingham Palace, The Natural History Museum, Primrose Hill, Portobello Road in Notting Hill to the colorful and quirky (Wes Andersen inspired?) interior design was a delight to watch from start to finish.

It all begins with a clever black and white primitive movie reel of the back story of Paddington Bear's tragic loss of habitat in his native "Darkest Peru."  His beloved Aunt Lucy tucks him into a ship's lifeboat as a stowaway on a journey to London to find a new home.  He is met with wide-eyed curiosity by the lovable and quirky Brown family at Paddington Station, and they cautiously settle on a plan to take him in for the night.

When the Brown family first welcome the bear into their home, I can't help but swoon over the marvelously authentic eclectic-English home interiors and the hilarious antics of polite-yet-accident-prone Paddington. The entry clad in well-worn hardwoods and cozy red stripes (I could swear we had the exact wallpaper in our foyer growing up) to the enchanting multi-story hand painted tree mural traveling up the grand circular staircase...was loaded with design eye candy!

The set included one masterfully-designed scene after the next. Mr. Brown's office was adorned in warm tones of primary colors, complete with indigo walls, tall London-townhouse ceilings, leather furniture, and a Carousel horse, of course!

The children's rooms were convincingly age-appropriate with the boy's old fashioned toy creations and the girl's never-ending wall size photo collage...

The entire house was dotted with authentic artwork in all shapes and sizes (albeit some presumably by their children), which of course I loved... But, it was the master bedroom that really stole my heart (and sadly I could not find a single photo of it - all the more reason for you to see this movie!!) It was adorned with a whimsical, red floral wallpaper reminiscent of the exquisite hand painted Gracie designs, with an artful mix of styles, bohemian accents, fabrics, pillows, etc.  And, don't get me started on that nostalgic kitchen in all its vintage-y retro glory....

...and the heartbreakingly beautiful exterior views of their flat and colorful street make you want to pick up your suitcase and visit (if not move to) London 'straightaway'!!

I just loved the heartwarming story and adorable way Paddington comes to life on screen in this family friendly film. One of the best children's movies I've seen in a LONG time that will delight an audience of all ages....a must see!

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