Sunday, December 13, 2015

Local Cleveland Jewelry Designer Anne Harrill of Oceanne Jewelry...

This morning when I picked up the Sunday 12/13/15 edition of the PD Wrap-Up, a Plain Dealer publication, I was intrigued by the front page spread of local jewelry designer, Anne Harrill, of Oceanne Jewelry.  I always love to discover new artists, and it is an extra bonus to discover and support local talent in Cleveland.  Having had a brief stint in jewelry design myself, between my accounting career and mommy-hood, I completely understand and appreciate how much work it takes to run your own little business.  Although it was rather time-consuming, I loved the creative side of designing my own pieces and the business side of sourcing the stones, securing local events and shows, and meeting new people.

From Allison Carey's Gift Guide, One-of-a-kind Cleveland Finds, "a native of France, Anne Harrill, has been making jewelry for 10 years. Her latest collection, Tea, features geometric shapes and tassels that range from dainty, layered pieces to those that make a statement. They are crafted with hand-forged brass elements, howlite, and marble."  Some of my favorites from her collections below...She also does custom bridal work for wedding parties, etc.







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