Thursday, May 18, 2017

Charlie's Room...Striped Accent Wall

With the deep angled walls of our new room for Charlie, we have been debating how to paint the walls. My contractor's designer, Stephen, stopped over today, and he gave me some awesome ideas!  He suggested a striped accent wall on the larger wall on the right, either in random sized stripes, or a pattern with varying sizes.  He is concerned that if we carry the stripes throughout the room (even if only on the flat walls), it could get too dizzying, due to the asymmetrical nature of the room. I have settled on Sherwin Williams Leisure Blue, and I may go with an alternating tonal stripe pattern with its lighter variation, Respite.  Now, I just need to figure out the exact stripe pattern....I have gathered a bunch of inspiration photos below...

Here is the room, and as you can see, the deep angled walls could either be treated as ceiling or wall....
Debating between a blue..I love them all!! Wish we could use all of them together, LOL!
From left: BM Colonial Blue, BM San Francisco Bay, BM Lazy Sunday,
BM Blue Nose, SW Sporty Blue, SW Leisure Blue, ??
I love the altnerating total blue stripes in this Serena & Lily Playa Stripe Dhurrie Rug...
So cute in this nursery!

I love the idea of alternating tonal stripes with white...

I thought this fun nautical room was interesting since it carries the stripes up the angled walls....but easier to do with a symmetrical room.

I LOVE this inspiration photo of this pool room designed by Luxe Interiors + Design...
(this might be my favorite of the tonal stripes!)
Love the blues with pops of orange...
DIY Network, another fun example of blue with pops of orange!

Fun ticking stripe with pops of color

Love this tonal ticking-stripe pattern...very cool!

And similar tonal ticking stripe only used once, interesting!

This is an interesting alternating stripe with thin white in between, sort of like a porch cushion...

Another cool random ticking-like stripe...

Base blue color with a ticking stripe in just white...
This also reminds me of a ticking stripe, but more random...very cool!
(Thank you Stephen for finding this fun example!)

I also love this alternating tonal stripe incorporating whites....
An interesting tonal pattern incorporating a khaki color....

Another tonal striped pattern, but all one size...
This one is Seattle Seakhawks inspired, I think, but a fun pattern using different colors....
A neutral stripe with fun pop of orange!

The basic, evenly sized/spaced stripes...

And here, in this case, they used the lighter blue for the rest of the room....
Just using two colors, but varying sized stripes....interesting!

Another example of alternating sized stripes...
And here, varying sized stripes....
Cute boy's room with standard pale blue stripes...

Now, this is random in both color and size, but I love the subtle changes of color tone.....Very cool and soothing!

Random stripes...

Random stripes...

How fun are these stairs!
Interesting small trim painted navy for a narrow stripe, with angled walls, but again the symmetry makes this easier...
Fun room with bold patterns and colors from Dimples & Tangles..

Bold navy and white stripes, love this!

Lots of fun options for stripes...

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Caroline's Room: Bold Coral Pink Stripes....

I am currently re-designing my daughter's bedroom, and I have decided to go with a bold coral pink 20 inch horizontal stripe.  I think it will be a fun companion to the kelly green dresser I recently purchased from The Resplendent Crow, as mentioned in my earlier post,, along with blue accents.

I am in the throws of paint color selection and it is always a challenge!! I have gathered inspiration pics of various rooms with different shades of coral-y pink...

I am debating between the following pinks:
BM Pink Canopy 010, BM Phoenix Sand 017, BM Coral Buff 024
SW Youthful Coral, Jovial, and Koral Kicks...

Addendum...OK, After testing these fun coral colors, I have concluded that although I LOVE them by day, they lean VERY orange (almost a bad panty-hose stocking look) at night. I've researched that it is better to love your paint color by day than by night. However, with our bedrooms, we spend most of our time in there reading at bedtime, and I think it will be hard to stomach these colors screaming at us.  SO, the search continues with a cooler pink. I have SW Hopeful, SW Lovable, SW Bella Pink, BM Smashing Pink, BM Bed of Roses, BM Pink Sea Shell, Behr Blush Rush, and Behr Taffy Twist.

Addendum2 - After living with the samples leaning against the wall, I have decided to stick to the more coral shades, but go much lighter, to give a softer overall look. I am debating BM Rose Petal or BM Pink Harmony. I think a softer, blush shade will have more longevity and is a bit more sophisticated.

Final Pick - SW Koral Kicks - I LOVE this shade! Its softer than it appears in this Instragram-filtered-photo...Perfect balance of coral-y pink and a fun stripe for her bedroom!

I put together this inspiration board for her bedroom as a starting point...

Fun fabric swatches from Clarabella Studios
Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore

Sherwin Williams

SW Bella Pink
Benjamin Moore Rose Petal  BM Cadillac Pink and BM Rose Petal (darker stripe)
BM Creamy Peach via @anoblehome
A La Mode - BM Pink Harmony
Studio McGee - BM Love & Happiness
SW White Dogwood - Mrs Howard ATL Showroom

SW Mellow Coral via Probably This

BM Salmon Peach 2013-50 w a gold glaze over, Jamie Drake via House Beautiful

BM Passionfruit

BM Blushing Brilliance 009 via
Sunkissed Apricot by BEHR

BM Blushing Brilliance 009 via

BM Coral Buff 024 (ceiling) Tilton Fenwick via

BM Coral Buff 024 (ceiling) Tilton Fenwick via
BM Conch Shell via Elle Decor

BM Cool Lava
House Beautiful, not sure of this pink color
BM Cool Lava
Love the color palette of pinks, blues, oranges, and greens
BM Fruitshake via Laurel Bern Interiors
SW Pink Moment via

RL Jackie Pink ...Stripes are  BM Country Pink Atrium White Pink Popsicle (credenza)

SW Naive Peach via BHG SW Hopeful SW Hopeful

Not 100% sure, but I believe this is BM Smashing Pink
Mary McDonald my design hero....BM Coral Pink 2003-50

Interesting paint application in a fun coral hue by Nicole White

BM Coral Gables

BM Coral Gables
SW Jovial by Luxe Report Designs via Glampad

By my latest design crush, Brian Patrick Flynn, love this color combo of blues, corals, and greens
Love this fun bedroom via Joss and Main...bold graphic patterned wall and rug w pops of pink, orange, green, blue

HGTV - Liz Carroll? BM Touch of Pink?

BM Early Sunrise 2084-60 Designs by Duncan, Love the fun idea of the striped ceilings!

PBK Pom Pom Basket
I adore this Peter Dunham Bukara fabric and wallpaper but it is PRI-CEY (may settle for throw pillows)
I adore this Peter Dunham Bukara fabric and wallpaper but it is PRI-CEY (may settle for throw pillows)

Fun Pillow via ETSY
Love the blues and corals in this cheerful bedroom!
unknown source

Love the Greek Key valences in this fun room by Bailey McCarthy - BM Habanero Pepper

Andrew Howard

Design Sponge
For reference, I also collected names of softer blush pinks...

Em Hendersen - BM Sugarcane 1185, Calamine, Pink Moire, Coastal Cottage, Tissue Pink, Love & Happiness
Tilton Fenwick - Coral Buff ceiling
Becki Owens - Yours Truly 1317
Mary McDonald - Coral Pink 2003-50