Monday, May 15, 2017

Bellbottom Blues: Searching for a BLUE for Boy Bedroom...

I am currently re-designing my kids' bedrooms as part of a home renovation, and although I would have loved a faux wood wallpaper look, as mentioned in my prior post, the weird angled walls and higher-than-anticipated estimates are pointing me in the direction of paint.  Incidentally, I asked my son, Charlie, what color he would like for his walls, and although he has always been a green guy, he unequivocally declared BLUE.  It is a bit tricky because my other son, Jack, will have a faux denim finish in the neighboring bedroom, so I would like them to look somewhat different. BUT, I really do gravitate toward the indigo/denim hues as they are warm and cozy, while also reading as a neutral backdrop.  I have selected a few grey-blue hues as they are nice and soothing for a bedroom.  However, with our often dreary Cleveland climate, I have also selected some more energizing/bold medium blues. The search is on!

1. Bluebelle 2064-60 .                             14. Colonial Blue 1677
2. Paradise View 794                               15. Serenata AF 535
3. Palatial Skies 800                                16. Ol Blue Eyes 2064-30
4. Under the Big Top 1675                      17. Athens Blue 797
5. Grand Rapids 835                               18. Lazy Sunday 803
6. Costa Rica Blue 2064-50                    19. Blue Nose 1678
7. Faded Denim 795                                20. Sheer Romance 837
8. Blue Bayou 801                                   21. Patriot Blue
9. Northern Air 1676                               22. Blue Suede Shoes 798
10. Sea View 836                                    23. Chicago Blues 804
11. Clearest Ocean Blue 2064-40 .         24. Bedford Blue 1679
12. Novia Scotia Blue 796                      25. Denim Wash 838
13. San Francisco Bay 802

My fav BM thus far are 13 San Francisco Bay/18 Lazy Sunday, 14 Colonial Blue/19 Blue Nose

BM Blues

My favorite SW thus far are Secure Blue 6508, Leisure blue 6515, Notable Hue 6521, Sporty Blue 6522

SW Blues

BM Marlboro Blue design by Mary Mac & Co via

SW Denim

SW Notable Hue

SW Sporty Blue
SW Searching Blue

House Beautiful (Denim look on the walls)

RL Paint Indigo Denim Faux Finish
RL Paint Indigo Denim Faux Finish
Verandah House
Form Architecture + Interiors via Elle Decor
Serena & Lily Playa Striped Dhurrie Rug

Serena & Lily Playa Striped Dhurrie Rug

Rachel Parcell via Pink Peonies
Papachristidis via Elle Decor
Sally Wheat
Caitlin Samuel Dowe-Sandes Marrakech home via Elle Decor

(possibly) BM Colonial Blue via 

BM Lucerne via

BM Lucerne via

BM Labrador Blue

BM Blue Nose

BM Lazy Sunday
SW Revel Blue

BM Lazy Sunday
SW Mesmerize

Brian Patrick Flynn

BM Lazy Sunday

Faux Denim or Linen Paint Application - The Heathered Next

Faux Denim or Linen Paint Application - The Heathered Next

Denim Grasscloth - Patrick Mele

Lulu Powers' Home, BM Bainbridge Blue

Sherwin Williams Distance

Sherwin Williams Leisure Blue

BM Bachelor Blue

BM Blue Nose
BM Buckland Blue
BM Oxford Gray
BM Polaris Blue
BM Van Deusen Blue

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