Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fav Bedroom Pics from Elle Decor archives

Since we are currently renovating our master bedroom with two added closets and a bolder grass green paint color, I have been reviewing bedroom photographs for inspiration (as if I have any spare time for this!)  I love observing the various arrangements, color palettes, and design techniques of these talented designers: unexpected elements, pops of color, juxtaposition of styles, minimalist vs layering approach, mix of textures, use of high and low, old and is so fun to learn from these masters!  Attached below are some interesting inspiration pics....Enjoy!

How gorgeous is the wood paneled wall in its warm tones and interesting architectural details? Beautiful use of color repetition of brick reds, sky and navy blues from the Persian rug to the bedding and even painted chair detail.  Finally, love the eye catching pop of color provided by simple greenery silhouette against complementary red tones.

I love the all-white scheme with pops of black graphic pattern from the zebra rug and Greek key pillow.
Although trendy and perhaps overdone recently, I am a lover of all things brilliant is this colorful, energetic room showcasing these beautiful designs in a primary color scheme?

Love the color combo of warm deep browns with cool, soothing blues....particularly love this beautiful antique wood bed and the interesting inlay detail.  The addition of red accessories add further interest to color scheme.

Love this monochromatic room in blues with Moroccan motifs from graphic wallpaper, bedding, and dark blue tiled floor. 

Once again, the harmonious color combo of warm browns with cool blues...and love the graphic fabric used on bed frame.

Love the crisp blue and white color scheme, bold navy and white striped floor, with pops of chartreuse green, and interesting artwork arrangement layered and leaning against the wall on the floor...

I always admire the successful arrangement of artwork hung on a wall in a random-but-planned layout with varying styles, frames, sizes, etc....much more difficult to pull off than it would seem.  Also, the bookshelves serve both functional and aesthetic purposes in this cozy bedroom nook!

So many interesting elements here...foremost, I love the interesting campaign-style black table with contrasting gold/brass trim/accents. Always love the use of animal prints, Ikat prints, pops of color, and artwork hung in a series.

Another example of the pretty blue-and-brown color scheme.  I love the repetition of graphic elements in this room....from the window treatment checker board design, to the tufted chair and headboard, to the striped pillows...provides much visual interest!

Although I love bold colors, I find the neutral, monochromatic color schemes equally beautiful, and perhaps more soothing.  The clean lines of the bed frame, nightstand/tables, X-shaped tray stand, compliment the clean, neutral colors used throughout the room.
Love the monochromatic brown color scheme and interesting lines provided by the furniture and room details, from the (antique) twin beds, to the unique, well-placed nightstand, to the graphic dark wood ceiling beams.
Love the various warm neutrals with punches of graphic patterns and colors, from large-scale tiled floor, animal print pillows, greenery, and beautiful, bold, lacquered orange ceiling.

Again, love the unique, interesting detail in this antique wood bed.  Beautiful pops of color in turquoise Chinoiserie lamp and chartreuse flowers on bedside table.
I rarely see black used for a wall color....but in this case, it provides a rich backdrop for the varying textures, layers, and elements, from traditional (mantle, tables) to modern (light fixture, book stand, fur throw, metallic finishes). 

Love the graphic rug and use of books arranged to add visual interest in room....both functionally and aesthetically pleasing.
After traveling out West (Colorado, Santa Fe, etc), I have always loved Western decor, but sometimes it seems a bit too 'decorated'/contrived...This log cabin room seems more authentic with basic elements: cowhide rug, cozy bedding, and a simple pair of cowboy boots!

Such a cozy and breezy use of an (attic?) bedroom.  The beautiful French style canopy in crisp white plays well against the angled roof line.  Monochromatic color scheme is soothing and inviting.

It seems Mad Men mania has taken over the media lately, including design outlets....justifiably so, in my opinion (how hysterical was last week's fight-scene episode!?)...this room is a nod to the Mad Men era with mid-century night stands, lamps, and headboard.

Love the bold yellow color scheme...Greek key rug, Chinoiserie accents, and interesting wallpaper.
Once again, love the bold graphic impact of the yellow and white striped rug, yellow and blue striped bedding...and balanced color scheme of bright yellow paired with softer blues...also, how interesting yellow lamp shades are used with these blue lamps?

Bold black stripes and pops of oranges and reds in Chinoisserie nightstands, chair fabric, and books provide warmth and energy.

Once again, love the bold black and white stripes and minimalist approach to this cozy, inviting bedroom nook.

Always love the varying-browns color scheme and use of books, thoughtfully arranged to provide visual interest/design.  

Once again, bookcases with purposefully arranged books provide interesting backdrop, in this case, for hanging artwork in a series....also, love the bold pops of blues in lamp, bedding, and chair.

Such a fun and whimsical (beach house?) bedroom, with cheerful primary-color derived color scheme of blues, pinks, and yellows.

Always love the summery yellows and greens. When paired together, just makes you want to run barefoot outside in the grass on a warm sunny day!

Always a lover of the bold kelly greens! Also, many interesting antique wood furniture pieces and textiles.

Another interesting example of books and magazines arranged artfully as backdrop...also, layered accessories with varying texture and style juxtaposition (sleek modern table, traditional chair, rustic pottery and small weathered wood table) provide visual interest.

Love the clean, bright white color scheme with restrained pops of color, interesting placement of chair, artwork, and geometric design provided by lines of bed canopy against roof line...

Another use of books/magazines arranged in a graphic way, throughout built-in bookcases designed to frame bed...what a cozy little reading nook!

This series of framed maps reminds me of my son, Jack's bedroom...We recently framed and hung his world maps in a similar arrangement above his bed.  See link to this post here...

Minimal furniture and color scheme makes for a peaceful bedroom retreat...and of course, I LOVE the pop of kelly green color in lamp amidst the sea of white...
This room has that 'traveler' feel without being too some cases, it seems designers can go overboard with a particular (i.e. Moroccan) theme, with too many accessories of that particular motif...this room has enough of a mix of patterns and styles to maintain its authenticity.

Beautiful, cozy canopy beds make high-impact use of limited space...with cute little bedside tables...pretty monochromatic neutral color scheme.

What an adorable nook of bunk beds! Quadruplets, perhaps? Love the soft, monochromatic neutral color scheme with pops of bold orange pillows.

Again, beautiful neutral color scheme with bold yellow and green accents.  Also, interesting and unexpected dark window trim against white walls make the bright sunny windows pop.

Surprisingly successful color scheme of brighter blues against lavenders and greys...I suspect paint selection here was quite the challenge. Also, love the charming black and white series of artwork/prints hung above bed.

Bold red bookcase makes for a quirky and fun head-board...with its intense design concentration, I love how the designer balanced the rest of the room with minimal bedding, furniture, and color.

Highly calculated and organized bookshelf injects energy and color into this charming bedroom.  Love the traditional elements (Persian rug, floral artwork, upholstered French chairs)...also, it seems a full, single-variety floral arrangement is commonly used to provide a pop of color.

Love how the warm wood tones pop against deep navy walls and red accents...Also, love the simple-yet-graphic bamboo gilt mirror.  Interesting use of fabric to provide illusion of headboard...and simple white frames with wide mats create interesting artwork.

Love this interesting minimalist bed frame, earthy faux finish on walls and ceiling, and simple white bedding...cozy bedroom has 'old-world' feel. 

Love neutral color scheme with many textured elements...from graphic patterns in rug, curtains, chairs, and headboard. Also, love the large-scale artwork pair hung above bed.

Soft, neutral color palette makes for a cozy bedroom nook with an interesting (partially painted?) furniture piece placed at foot of bed.

Love how this beautifully arched doorway frames this bedroom with one of my favorite color palettes: soft blues with beiges and golds. Also, note interesting fretwork bed frame, and bold gilt mirror hung above bed.

Charming farm-house-feel bedroom with minimalist color scheme, understated-yet-graphic striped rug, black and white photographs hung in series and organic bookshelves with thoughtfully arranged books/magazines.

Bold periwinkle blue shelving against a sunny yellow wall makes for a cheerful and organized closet.

Peaceful, romantic bedroom with pale blue color scheme and pop of pink flowers. French canopy, lush with upholstered daybed, seating pieces, and interesting use of simple white frames hung in a series on either side of bed.

Monochromatic bright yellow color scheme is brilliantly paired with pops of black and white animal print accessories.

As if the bold grass green panels were not enough, this bright pretty blue urn makes for an interesting focal point! Love the beautiful linear/Greek key pattern on panels too!
How cool is this masculine, black, studded closet - enough said!
Love the soft, pretty, feminine color scheme of creams, reds, pinks...designer made great use of limited space....interesting placement of bed against canopy, which mimics window treatments.

Love brown color scheme rooms...this beautiful highly varnished wood floor compliments the chocolate brown walls and furniture.  Brown and white (antique?) quilt gives this room an authentic feel.

Pretty monochromatic soft green color scheme with pop of hot pink floral arrangement makes for a cozy and romantic bedroom.

Interesting placement of furniture, lovely yellow/gold/beige/brown/blue color scheme with interesting artwork and graphic patterned rug.

LOVE the bold, Greek key table placed strategically at foot of bed, and fascinating use of mother-of-pearl tiles to create textural metallic walls...also, interesting placement of hanging pendants in lieu of bedside lamps.
Again, love the warm brown and taupe color scheme with varying furniture styles..also, another example of hanging pendants used in lieu of bedside lamps.

Once again, love the monochromatic brown color scheme with pops of bright color (yellow floral arrangement, orange pillow)...also, love the bold Moroccan-tile graphic rug.
Another example of soothing brown color scheme with pops of color provided by artwork and strategically placed books/magazines at foot of bed.

Love the charming trunk serving as a table in this quaint bedroom...also, cozy tartan plaid bedding balances lack of rug...which allows the beautiful hardwoods to take center stage.

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