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Mad for Mad Men

In anticipation of episode #2 (airing tonight 10/9c on AMC) of Mad Men season 5, I wanted to share a few photos from the show (obtained via AMC Mad Men blog).  Costume designer Janie Bryant does a brilliant job recreating the 1960 styles, of fashion, home, and commercial/office decor.  Achieving an authentic backdrop in terms of props, design, technology, fashion, etc., in accurately representing the 60's, is a key element to the show's success. A nostalgic audience can readily identify with such period details as the rotary phone, pea green kitchens, bee-hive hair do's, skinny ties, highball glasses, and glamorous fur collars, and further recognize the political, social, and cultural references of this time.

Huffington Post Stylist Home article/video provides the viewer with a behind the scenes tour of the Mad Men set with creator Matthew Weiner...

"Behind the Scenes Tour of Mad Men Set (video)"

Below, link to a WSJ article about the Season 5 premiere infamous Megan serenade to Don Draper...

The following article illustrates the extent to which the show creators have achieved this authenticity through the littlest details.

NPR article discusses how the show decorator Amy Wells is on a constant "scavenger hunt" to find prop pieces needed for the set....

Some pictures (in no particular order) from seasons 3, 4 and 5, obtained from the AMC Mad Men Blog are attached below....

Megan serenading Don Draper at his surprise 40th birthday party with her Zou Bisou Bisou her fun black dress with the sheer sleeves!

Loved this beautiful brocade dress with rhinestone and pearl trim...nevermind that Betty is fully preggo and drinking and smoking to boot!

Quintessential Joan pose, and loved the 1960's glassware and bar cart in background

Betty is ready for romance in this colorful floral frock...

Here is my fav color-of-the-moment (see prior blog post) grass green...such a beautiful color for Joan with her red hair and fair skin!

Typical buttoned-up Peggy thoroughly prepared and ready for her meeting...often she is donning a fitted top with full skirt silhouette

One of my fav dresses for Betty....very modern for her time with fringed skirt and plunging glamorous in Rome!

Betty and Don Draper in Rome...

only in Rome are men so forward to hit on a woman while at dinner with her date!

But of course, Don just sits back and takes it all in...

Love the ice blue quilted coat with white fur collar

creepy Henry attempting chivalry

Typical 60's office decor: clean-lined burnt orange sofa, neutral backdrop with chinoiserie screen (timeless)

Season 5 Premiere: as they are inching toward the 70's the color palette in fashion is getting brighter, the strong graphic patterns and colors

Roger admiring Joan (and unbeknownst to him, HIS) baby for the first time...of course, while smoking!

Season 5 (future? episode) Megan's glamorous earrings and bold, mod-print dress

Season 5 Premiere: Roger and (relatively) new smirky-wife Jane in bold graphic print (Pucci-esque?) dress

Funny how these fashion motifs come and go....recall recent ruffle trend?

Love Betty's beautiful lace maternity dress for Derby party...

Don Draper's love interest in prior season, Bethany...beautiful strapless dress with fringe feather-like detail

This quintessential restaurant martini soaked 'business' meeting scene throughout the show...loved the dark, old-school-steak-house decor, banquette seating, so typical of a corporate dinner (both then and now!)

Loved this shot of Don: perplexed, pensively admiring/wondering about the art he just purchased

From season 4, Faye, advertising consultant who of course ultimately has romantic relations with the bold graphic black and white pattern...

Megan, newest love interest of Don Draper, the secretary-turned-impromptu-wife as of the finale of season 4...

Trudy Campbell stylish as always in this beautiful vintage salmon/coral pink (linen and silk?) dress with beaded trim
Favorite dress on this show (perhaps)...Trudy Campbell's emerald green taffeta dress with beaded (t-shirt style) top in blues, pinks, Lane Pryce would say, "smashing!"
Loved Bethany's black halter dress while on sushi date with Don...

Roger Sterling in their new season 4 office, modern, sleek, late 60's furniture...very modern for this time

Wanted to include this shot of Don Draper stepping out of his convertible, for my vintage-car-collecting father-in-law, Dick....enjoy!

Anna Draper and niece Stephanie, showcasing the bohemian/peasant/pre-hippie styles of this time

Love the mint green kitchen and bright yellow rotary phone - hello 60's!

Betty in therapist office.....note the jarring color combos reminiscent of the 60's....bright orange couch and chartreuse green pillows with graphic curtains

I remember this episode where Sally is going to her therapist for the first time....with her nanny of course!
Sweet adorable Sally in a vintage (Lilly Pulitzer-esque) dress

Who didn't love the quirky, cranky, lovable Miss Blankenship....perhaps the only one of Don's secretaries to NOT have a romantic relationship in the office?

I imagine this office decor to be typical of the 60's...again, clean-lined furniture, bold colors with neutral backdrop, mod artwork

Don Draper, taking a swim... (he exercises? who knew?)

Don checking out a skirt-clad mom (certainly not a modern-day show) walking by with her retro bassinet...

Ok, Ok! Can you tell I am mildly obsessed with Don Draper?

Typical shot of Don outside office building...

Quintessential hat and hairstyle on Peggy

Fun and adorable floral strapless dress with yellow hat for derby party!

Interesting to see the variety of styles...ladylike Joan, prim and proper Peggy, business savy Faye

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