Thursday, August 9, 2012

Interesting/Funny Parenting Articles

Attached below are links to a few parenting articles from Huffington Post (HP), The New York Times (NYT), and The Atlantic I found informative/entertaining.  Although sometimes I get tired of all the parenting articles out there, they often provide comfort/relief that we are not alone in our challenges, struggles, joys, fears, stresses, and comedies of parenthood....the perspectives provided by these fellow parents suggest we are (relatively) normal, (relatively) sane, and we only have the best intentions, our children's well being, at heart.

Jennifer Owen's "5 Lessons Our Kids Don't Learn in School for Success in Life" (HP)....interesting and so true....trouble is, how do we go about successfully teaching these things?

Devon Corneal's "A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" (HP) funny, made me laugh out loud!

Sheryl Paul's "No Escape Part One" (HP)....humorous perspective on what it is like to live with the 'terrible two' (or, in my experience, terrible 3, 4, 5) stage, and living with a "pint-sized tyrant"

Sarah Bernhardson's "A Letter to My (Future) Grown Children" (HP) about how all parents seem to have selective memories in terms of what it is really like to raise children (just ask your own parents, ha!)

Marcus Williams and Joanna Schroeder's "Rules for Dads Raising Daughters: The Good Man Project's List" (HP)....cute list of 25 tips for raising daughters.

Catherine Pearson's "Michelle Obama Talks Daily Diet, Gardening, and Picky Eaters" (HP)....interesting discussion of the importance/challenges of healthy eating in today's environment

Devon Corneal's "The Confidence Game" (HP)...discussion on seeking confidence in our parenting choices, and why we are always naturally 2nd guessing ourselves.

Marisa Costa's "Why I Hated Being a Stay-at-Home Mom" (HP)...candid reflection on a mother's difficult choice to return to workforce....I can't imagine rejoining the workforce I knew (corporate accounting) as this woman did, but her sentiments convince me we are not alone in those rough mommy-burn-out moments!

Melinda Wentzel's "A Kinder, Gentler Sort of Summer" (HP) will likely strike a chord with anyone born prior to 1985....clearly, kids today are presented with (and too often, and too early expect) electronic sources of entertainment, that likely dumbs down the simpler pleasures we enjoyed as children....(don't get me wrong, we employ screen time in our home plenty), but oh, the nostalgia for a simpler time!

Madeline Levine's "Raising Successful Children" (NYT) sums up her assessment of over-involved, over-zealous parenting styles and the risks involved, as she presents a more balanced style aiming to raise independent, motivated, and as she claims, "authentically successful" children (however this may be defined) a sidebar, I read her earlier book, The Price of Privilege, and it was fascinating and informative, if not frightening.  I have heard great reviews on her new book, Teach Your Children Well...will have to put this one on my to-do list.

Marie Myung-Ok Lee's "What My Son's Disabilities Taught Me About 'Having It All'" (The Atlantic) great perspective on the article title....

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