Friday, September 14, 2012

August 2012 Michigan Trip...

In August, 2012, we traveled to Ann Arbor to visit University of Michigan, (my husband's alma mater), and later to Brighton and Delton, Michigan to visit friends and family.

Our favorite Ann Arbor pizza place, Cottage Inn Pizza

Trip to the M Den resulted in family-wide outfitting in Michigan gear (brainwashing begins)

The iconic 'spinning of the cube'

Jack attempting Ms. Pac-Man at our friends' funny to watch!

Ann Arbor alleyway full of cool graffiti...

Upon close-up inspection, it is actually a wall full of bubble gum!

More creativity in Ann Arbor, huge mural of portraits/flowers...

Fishing at our friends, The Reau's house

Luckilly, our kiddos have recently gotten over their fear of dogs...surprisingly, they seemed unfazed by Willow, a beautiful doberman of equivalent height!

Onward to Delton, Michigan to visit Mema and Bepa Patterson!

Caroline soon to discover limes do NOT go so well with smores!

Jack and his cousin Simon playing a friendly game of chess...

One of Mema's many craft projects: foam-sticker-adorned-coozies

We had lunch at a cute little brew-pub in downtown Kalamazoo...

Aunt Marcy and Uncle Rick invited us over for a pool party...a little soccer and cattle watching!

Ring toss game...

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