Friday, September 14, 2012

Late Summer 2012 Pics...

Attached are some late summer 2012 photos...

Cool view of the sunset from our living room

Gelato worshiping

After all of my master bedroom paint color drama, I finally settled on a pretty grass-green...

The color combo of green and blue for our master bedroom was inspired by the view from our master bath...

The sunflower seeds we planted several months ago, finally blossomed!

Caroline all ready for a boat ride in her cowboy boots!

Jack on his first day of 1st grade

hmmm, where should I move next?

Cool view of Rocky River park during an evening run...

It was amazing to watch the air show while boating on Lake Erie (note jet just above stadium)

Charlie NOT so much a fan of the insanely-loud air show

some friends at CYC crawfish boil, so fun!

One of our fav summer treats...hunting for sea glass at Oakwood Beach

Random pic...but wanted to remember a yummy roasted vegetable (zucchini and tomato) and feta the fresh summer produce!

Charlie showing some patriotism on 9/11/12

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