Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bananas for BRUCE!

In the spring of 2012 I had the opportunity to cross off one of my long-time bucket-list wishes: THE BOSS (BRUCE) in concert!!

We were fortunate to see the show from an amazing view, in a corporate suite just overlooking the stage.  I have been to a zillion concerts, and Bruce Springsteen was undoubtedly one of the BEST performers I have ever seen.  Furthermore, it was fascinating to watch the well-oiled stage set-up process and carefully designed instrument/musician was like a case study for novice musicians: 'how to put on a highly efficient and entertaining concert'....seriously one of the best life experiences I have had thus far!  Amazing show!

A friend just posted on FB the below picture, the cover of a new book coming out this November.  Below are some excerpts from the book website...

“On a day like this, I remember—I’m the President, but he’s The Boss.”
—President Barack Obama, 2009 Kennedy Center Awards ceremony

Compiled by accomplished photographer Eric Meola—who knew “the Boss” when he was just an unknown Jersey kid with big rock and roll dreams—Streets of Fire is an intimate photographic look at Bruce Springsteen during a pivotal year in his life and career. In 1977, Springsteen was coming off the enormous success of his album, Born to Run, and in the studio working on his fourth record, Darkness on the Edge of Town—and these breathtaking candid photos are portraits of a master musician finally coming into his own.  A stunning collection of photographs—some never before published—of Bruce and the E-Street Band combined with the haunting lyrics of some of Springsteen’s most unforgettable songs, Streets of Fireoffers fans a privileged and rarefied look at one of rock’s most legendary and beloved icons.

An intimate, behind-the-scenes look at Bruce Springsteen as you've never seen him before. 'Streets of Fire: Bruce Springsteen in Photographs and Lyrics 1977-1979' features 70+ gorgeous photos by Eric Meola, lyrics by Bruce Springsteen, and an essay by Joyce Millman. Order at

Below are some photos I took at the concert...

THE BOSS making his way out on stage...

Good old sidekick, Steven Van Zandt (part musician, songwriter, actor (Sopranos), DJ, producer, etc.)

One of my favorite parts was watching the infamous (late) E Street Band saxophonist, Clarence Clemons' nephew Jake Clemons perform...the musical talent clearly runs in this family!

Another amazing moment....a little 11-year old girl was in the crowd holding a sign that read, "Please sing with me"....and Bruce pulled her up on stage to sing, dance, even do a was beyond endearing and absolutely so cute to watch!!

From an article on the newsnet5 website:

"WESTLAKE, Ohio - Last week's Bruce Springsteen concert at Quicken Loans Arena kept 11-year-old Annemarie Russo out late on a school night. It was well worth it because she sang with the Boss. She went to school the next day tired, but as a new star.
Her dad took her to the Springsteen concert on April 17, where they got right up next to the second stage. Sitting on her dad’s shoulders, she waived a sign saying "Please sing with me." 

Bruce smiled then pointed at her. Bruce left the stage and returned with Annemarie. She came onto the stage in front of 20,000 people while he was singing "Waiting on a Sunny Day." "He handed me the microphone and then I sang and then he whispered in my ear to tell everybody to sing louder. I saw a bunch of people just screaming, like this is so cool. I saw like all phones up taking videos, cameras it was so cool," said Annemarie.
Annemarie caught a glimpse of her dad who was shaking. Bruce then carried Annemarie to the main stage where he put water on her knees. The two of them did a stage slide together, finishing with a hug.

The next day at school she told her principal.
"He watched the video and he sent it to all the teachers and all the teachers showed all the students," said Russo. She is still on cloud nine."

Bruce and the little girl singing 'Waitin' on a Sunny Day'

The knee slide across the stage!


Awww, hugs...

Taking a bow...

Bruce carrying little girl back to her Dad...

Handing off this lucky little girl to her Dad...

It is hard to see in the below pics, but Bruce is lying horizontal, 'crowd surfing' amongst his fans...

Standing on the piano, giving props to the pianist...very cool and much deserved

They paid tribute to the beloved late saxophonist, Clarence Clemons with photos on an overhead screen...

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