Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Life is NOW Complete!

As a former speed skater (yes, RANDOM sport, I know), I am crazy about ice skating! Perhaps due to the ridiculous number of hours I spent growing up on ice, it literally feels like home to me.  The glorious sound of ice cracking under your blades, the white, beautiful, glistening, grandiose sight of a freshly finished rink, the oddly satisfying distinct smell of the ice arena (something of the variety of metallic/oil/skate-sharpeners/Zamboni?)....

After working up a sweat from only ONE session of corralling, dressing, bribing, and lacing up the skates of my three little ones, I feel more appreciative and thankful to my parents than ever before.  They spent countless days and YEARS devoting so much time and effort to this sport.  As my friend Katie always says about anything worthwhile, "It is A LOT of work to have this much fun!"....For some it is sailing, boating, skiing, camping, or Disney-World-going....Regardless of your recreation/sport of choice, these words could not ring more true.  But, of course, it isn't until you are a parent yourself, that you truly recognize and appreciate these efforts.  Is it worth it? Looking back, my fondest childhood memories were from experiences: travel, sports, theatre, you name I give it a resounding YES!!

This year, for the first time, all THREE of my little ones finally got out on the ice.  I signed them all up for skating lessons, and although they all tried it the first day, I could not get my youngest, Caroline (3 yrs old) to make a repeat performance.  Oh well, perhaps she will feel her Halloween-induced superhero bravery again soon.  At least I got a couple photos of them all on the ice and with their adorable little ice skates on!  Yes, my life is NOW complete!

With snowpants on, ready to go!

After plenty of blood, sweat, and tears (ok, not THAT dramatic), they FINALLY have on their adorable little ice skates!

Not very enthusiastic, but putting on a brave face...

The cone is your friend!

A stand-off on all fours: You are NOT going to make me do this, are you?

I'm DONE Mom, get me off the ice!

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