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The Roaring 20's...Great Gatsby Style

I don't know about you, but I am DYING to see the new Gatsby film.  It is certainly one of my favorite novels, and I anticipate the design eye-candy in both fashion and set interiors will be icing on the cake...

It is all about Gatsby style lately with Baz Luhrmann's new silver screen adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, one of the greatest American novels of all time...Released on May 10th, this re-make features Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Joel Edgerton, Carey Mulligan, and Isla Fisher.

Robert Redford played Gatsby in the 1974 rendition of this film...

The Roaring 20's was an exciting time in fashion.  With a surge in manufacturing and technology post-World War I, the United States entered a prosperous economic era, leading up to the massive stock market crash of 1929.   Women abandoned their restrictive corset gowns as well as their traditional societal roles.  They gained the right to vote and entered the workforce at an unprecedented rate, in technological careers such as typists and telephone operators.  As such, they shifted away from the restrictive fashions of the past as they adopted more practical, comfortable, and accessible trends such as shorter skirts and trousers.  Drop waist tea dresses with full bottoms allowed women to literally kick up their heels to new dances such as the Charleston. Other popular trends included Peter Pan collars, fur stoles, fringe, marabou (feather) trims, cloche hats, Art Deco designs, T-bar shoes and geometric prints.  The 'Bob' and Marcel Wave hair styles were all the rage.  

Coco Chanel was one of the first women to reject the corset in favor of trousers and short hair.  Her designs eliminated the Victorian-esque division of bust/waist/hips and excess layers of material and frilly lace as they transitioned to a more modern, masculine, continuous, and linear silhouette.  Embellishment came in the form of vibrant colors and textures and the incorporation of accessories such as hats, scarves, jewelry, beading, and embroidery.  In her famous words, her designs "let go of the waistline," and widely became known as the "Flapper" look.  Accordingly, she was one of the most influential women in 20th Century fashion.

For the costumes on the set of The Great Gatsby, clothing designer Miuccia Prada collaborated with film costume designer, Catherine Martin to design the cocktail and evening gowns in the film...the following design sketches are by Prada and Martin, respectively....







Catherine Martin

Catherine Martin

Catherine Martin

Catherine Martin

Some photos of the Gatsby actors/actresses on and off screen...

Some additional Gatsby style pics...

Not a huge fan of Kate Perry's 'trying-too-hard' rendition of the flapper look, but LOVE Judy Greer's sleek Deco gown...

Love the gold and black color combo and Deco detail of these dresses...

Fringe, Fringe, and MORE Fringe!

Love the feather fringe detail...

The T-stap shoe...who doesn't remember their grandmothers wearing a pair of these!

The sweet and charming, prim and proper Peter Pan collar

Love the Deco, geometric lines + fringe details...

Indeed, businesses are taking full advantage of the current Gatsby craze, in their marketing approach to products and services celebrating the 1920's style.  

Brooks Brothers ingeniously collaborated with the film's costume designer, Catherine Martin, to present a new clothing line inspired by 1920's Gatsby style...

“Brooks Brothers is mentioned numerous times in Fitzgerald’s writings as a representation of the ultimate gentlemen’s purveyor of fine clothing to the American man of distinction,” says Catherine Martin, who designed the costumes for Leonardo DiCaprio as Gatsby and Toby Maguire as Nick Carraway in the new film. “It is this most basic and fundamental connection that has made our collaboration so authentic.”

Legendary jeweler Tiffany & Co. also collaborated with Catherine Martin to design various jewelry pieces for the film.  Similarly, they introduced a 'Jazz Age Glamour' jewelry line with Great Gatsby, Jazz, Sparklers, Swing, and Ziegfeld Collections.


Even Kate Spade presented her own little spin on the 1920's Jazz Age fashion craze...a laminated silk twill sweet.

With regard to interiors, the Plaza hotel is jumping on the Gatsby bandwagon as well.  

From"In honor of Baz Luhrmann's much-anticipated blockbuster (out May 10!), the Plaza Hotel (NYC) is pulling out all the stops and reviving the jazz age. 

Starting this spring, the Fifth Avenue mainstay will offer guests a stay in the Fitzgerald Suite, a no-holds-barred room dedicated to the author. The art deco-designed space will include over-the-top furnishings from Restoration Hardware, images from the film, the author's complete collection of works, and coffee table books that will help you channel 1920s New York. 

If that's not enough flapper feel for you, the hotel will also be transforming the iconic Champagne Bar and Todd English Food Hall into full Fitzgerald frenzy (think themed cocktails, a live jazz band, and more). Plus, you'll be able to browse an exclusive collection of props and costumes from the film while you lounge at the hotel. You may not be able to attend a raucous blowout in Oyster Bay, but the Plaza's festivities are totally Jay and Daisy-approved."

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