Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mad Men Pops of Orange and Blue...

OK, so my fascination with Don Draper and everything related continues...Tonight was the drama-filled season finale of Mad Men Season 6.  Amidst the juicy plot and character twists and turns, I could not help but notice the predominant pops of blue and orange throughout this season.  Whether it is due to the 1960's setting influence or perhaps a reflection of what is popular in design today, orange and blue seem to take center state in both set and costume design.  Or, perhaps I just have these complementary colors on the brain since I am pondering a family room re-do in these shades., dynamic, and whimsical, I love the pairing of these two colors in any shade combo: coral and navy, orange and pale blue, persimmon and get the idea.  The options are endless!

The following are some Mad Men photos from Season 6 with pops of these yummy colors...Now, we must wait for the continued drama (and design eye candy) until Season 7 arrives...Until then, enjoy!

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