Saturday, January 11, 2014

Grab Your Kleenex Box: Inspirational P&G Commercials and 'Raising An Olympian' Series....

The countdown in on.  The Opening Ceremonies for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics is in 27 days.  Do you remember the tearjerker "Thank You Mom" P&G commercial from the 2012 Summer Olympics?  (link provided below)

Well, P&G has nailed again, this time for the upcoming winter Olympics in Sochi...This time with "Pick Them Back Up" and "Keep Us Going" themes.  The following commercials are equally heartbreakingly beautiful, chills-inducing, and sentimental as their predecessors from the 2012 Olympics.

Have a look...

"P&G Thank You, Mom | Pick Them Back Up"

"P&G Thank You, Mom | Kept Us Going"

Additionally, I had to share several other heart-warming videos from P&G, including their "Raising an Olympian" Series (approx 3-4 minutes each)...What I find so interesting and inspirational after watching these different Olympians' stories, is that it was so much MORE than just their natural talent (and parental support) that catapulted their success.  Many of them faced various setbacks during their lives that could have easily derailed their athletic career.  Yet, it was through their commitment to their dream, passion, mental strength, fortitude, grit, belief in themselves, perseverance, etc., that carried them through.

Illustrated by the following quotation of figure skater, Evan Lysacek..."I was never the most talented athlete, but I became the most determined."

It all sounds so cliche and trite, but it is really so inspirational if you take the time to watch and reflect upon these stories.  They teach us that no matter what our challenges and setbacks may be, we can overcome them with the right perspective, passion, and faith in ourselves.  Furthermore, from a parent perspective, you can only imagine what these families must go through: the years of training, relocation/separation, injury, heartache, and defeat.  The hard work, dedication, and sacrifice is endless.  I am sure there are countless moments when the parent must weigh the risk/reward of continuing on, and staying on the Olympic track versus throwing in the towel.  As a viewer, it only makes you appreciate their success that much more!  

OK, OK, I know this is all getting a bit melodramatic!  But, what can I say?  I am a sucker for all of the raw, inspirational athletic/life stories with every new Olympics, both summer and winter.  I look forward to watching many of these athletes make a repeat performance in the Sochi Olympics after watching these inspiring stories (links below).

I am particularly excited to watch Dutch speedskater, Sven Kramer, (hopefully) make a comeback in the race that had such a heartbreaking ending from his performance in the Vancouver games...the 10K where he accidentally crossed into the wrong lane, causing his disqualification despite breaking the world record in the event. (link to story below)...

"Raising an Olympian: Sven Kramer "

"Raising an Olympian: Greg Westlake"

"Raising an Olympian: Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir "

"Raising an Olympian: Mikaela Shiffrin"

"Raising an Olympian: Mo Tae-bum "

"Raising an Olympian: Lindsey Vonn"

"Raising an Olympian: Hamelin Brothers"

"Raising an Olympian: Nick Goepper "

"Raising an Olympian: Julie Chu"

"Raising an Olympian: Evan Lysacek"

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