Thursday, February 13, 2014

More Valentine's Day Craft Inspirations...for the procrastinators (including myself!)

TO BE CLEAR: 66.67% of my kids are toting store-bought Valentines to school tomorrow...By no means am I suggesting that we are hand-making 100 Valentines to distribute to their classrooms!  But, a hand-made one is always sweet to send and receive! 

My son, Jack came up with these very simple easy to make and straight from the heart ; )

Some others we came up with...

These were inspired by one of our favorite books (see above)

Idea from my son's 2nd grade teacher, Stephanie

Very simple heart garland we made for our kitchen...

Who knew 'tinted' flowers could be so cute!? (Happy early Valentine's Day!?)

Aside from these (above) simple cards/decorations, I decided to look for more ideas via the blogosphere...On the Eve of Valentine's Day, it is unlikely that I would have the required materials (or time for that matter) to complete these ridiculously-adorable crafts/projects, but I wanted to share them regardless.  I am often guilty of (1) procrastination and (2) spending WAY more time gathering recipe/craft/design inspiration images and ideas than ever actually completing them.  Yet, I consider the day a success if I find just one simple project to do with my kids (out of this never-ending array of ideas) so they can enjoy celebrating Valentine's Day! Perhaps you will find an idea that you can enjoy as well.   

Happy Valentines Day! xoxo

How About Orange (Blog)

How About Orange (Blog)

The Crafty Crow (Blog)

Link below for directions for these cute chocolate pretzels...

I think my husband would be the happiest guy in the world if I gave him this Valentine...

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