Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bananas for Built-In Bunks...

After living in our new home for about a year, we are finally starting to make some minor adjustments with regard to arrangement of storage, furniture, bedrooms, etc.  I have always been a believer in LIVING in a space for a while before making any major renovations or changes.  It just takes time to better understand the logistics and flow of your home, its limitations, and areas for improvement.  

Our two boys are currently sharing a large bedroom space over our garage, and we are considering dividing the room into two separate spaces, adding built-in bunks, or a combo of the two.  Originally, I was not a big fan of the bunk-bed idea, but after gathering a SEA of beautiful inspiration photos, the idea is growing on me.  These talented designers have incorporated so many cool (and practical) ideas such as built-in bunks with actual stairs (vs ladder), built-in storage, attached sconces to create little reading nooks, etc.  Plus, with so many out of town family and friends, I love the idea of having more sleeping space for these visitors (particularly with children).  

Of course, I am not thrilled about the prospect of the added expense (not to mention the LIVING THROUGH) of another renovation, but we aren't MOVING any walls, so how bad can it be?  I suspect many renovation projects begin with this naive line of reasoning, right?  Yikes.  These projects almost always take twice as long and cost twice as much as anticipated.  But, it would be so worth it in the long run if we could convert our currently large and unstructured space into a warm, cozy, and comfortable bedroom for the boys.  OR, at the very least, I could live vicariously through the dreamy photos below.  A girl can dream, right?

I have grouped the bedroom photos into general categories: 

(1) The soothing, calming, and quiet Neutral/White 
(2) The stylish and chic Neutral with Pops of Color
(3) The sophisticated Taupes, Tans, & Greys 
(4) The cozy and warm Reclaimed-Wood/Cabin Look and 
(5) The Cheerful-Crazy-Colorful ...Enjoy! 

(1) The quiet and calming Neutral/Whites...

Orrick and Co.

Susan Greenleaf via Lonny

Jenn Cranston Summerhouse Style Files

Justine Hughs Jones

Anita Kaushal

JVA Architects

(2) Neutral rooms with fun pops of color...


Another great example of the roman shade
with greek key trim (see earlier post)

(3) The sophisticated Taupes, Tans, & Greys...

Summerour and Associates

I ADORE the brass drawer handles against the taupe paint color!!!

(4) The Mountain Cabin or Reclaimed Wood Look...I mean seriously, don't you just want to curl up in one of these cozy nooks?

Victoria Hagan
"Instead of traditional twin-size bunk bends, the homeowners decided to build six queen-size versions. The room also contains two twin beds, bringing the sleeping total in this space alone to 14 people. Talk about a slumber party! Each sleeping space featured a hallowed-out alcove with its own outlet for recharging mobile devices and a custom sconce for late-night reading....Kevin seamlessly incorporated handy drawers below the bunks so the couple's visiting children and grandchild can store clothes and toys. Guests can sleep easy in the upper bunks thanks to custom iron safeguards. Bonus: They provide a rail for sliding ladders and add an industrial finish to the woodsy space."

A set of built-in bunks as work-in-progress?

 (5) Last but not least, The Cheerful-Crazy-Colorful bedrooms...(my kids' absolute favorites)

This series of cobalt blue painted bunks with brass accents is just perfection!

Eve Robinson

If it were up to our boys, their bedroom would look like this...
Finally, I wanted to note that although I usually make every effort to include designer or photographer credits as appropriate, this time I have regretfully FAILED.   My apologies to all the amazingly talented designers and architects whom I have neglected!

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