Friday, September 26, 2014

Surprising and Not-So-Surprising Celeb Home Interiors...

A recent Elle Decor photo caught my eye....Who knew that (teen-ish) style icon, Lauren Conrad lived in such a chic, sophisticated abode?  I loved viewing photos from her stylish and colorful Beverly Hills penthouse.  Candidly, I am not typically one to oogle over celeb lifestyle trends simply because a celeb is wearing or endorsing it.  On the contrary, I tend to avoid celeb-crazy trends that are either impractical or unflattering to me personally (seriously shoot me if you ever see me in a spandex dress, Doc Martens with floral sundress, or crop tops (hey, if you have the figure, more power to you!)) But, I do appreciate good design when I see it.

Soon after, I discovered more celeb home design inspiration...Some are from iconic design masters such as Kelly Wearstler, Rachel Zoe, and Ralph Lauren, while others are from more surprising sources (Kourtney Kardashian?) In any case, whether these celebs designed these spaces themselves or employed the service of a professional, each unique style is fun to admire.  AND, although many celebs clearly don't share the same budgets as us regular folk, you can always find inspiration in the design and seek more affordable sources elsewhere...Good design is never out of reach.  Enjoy!

Photos from Elle Decor, In Style, Architectural Digest... 

Lauren the feminine details in the tufted sofa and French chair, and the way the bold colors pop against the neutral backdrop of white walls and potted topiaries. Also, love the interesting mix of artwork.

Love the combo of organic materials and color palette with the exposed brick, leather poufs, fiddle-leaf fig (my favorite indoor plant), mixed with colorful accents in the kelly green garden stool and hot pink floral arrangement.

Her closet? Love the feminine details: brass light fixture, zebra printed hide, Parisian chair, stacked trunks, and bright white and mirrored walls...

How cool is this black lacquered bar area complete with Mid-Century barware and vintage bar accessories?

Her white kitchen with exposed shelves and subway tile is crisp and refreshing...

Of course only Kelly Wearstler would have such a gorgeous gemstone of a kitchen.  A honed marble modern and sleek!

Kelly Wearstler's cool (decorative) puzzle design surf boards made from Walnut, Cherry, Koa, Ash, Birch, Douglas Fir, Wenge, White Oak, and South American woods...a mesmerizing accessory adding whimsy, pattern, and texture!

Kourtney Kardashian's black and white kitchen has so many things to love...from the brass hardware and pendants to the cool vintage bar stools to the chevron wallpaper to the black and white check MacKenzie Childs pieces, adore this space!

She is proving to be quite the design renegade!!  I love her cozy and colorful office as well..the color coded bookshelves seem to be a trend growing on me (but seriously, who has enough books in each color to accomplish this?), the funky vintage chairs salvaged from an old Mercedes dealership, and family-hand-me-down-table-repurposed-as-desk, all pulled together with the zebra printed hide and dark moody walls and trim? LOVE.

Apparently this is an 'anything' room with fun, quirky patterns, textures, and styles...from the modern hot pink chaise she acquired from her sister to the traditional armchairs and piano from her the pops of bold color against the black and white color scheme....and again below...

Again, love the bold, dynamic, graphic black and white patterns on wall stripe and floor, mixed with pops of bold colors and rich fabrics.  The mix of traditional and contemporary styles grounds the space and limits the modern-runaway-train....

Her nursery with adorable Madeline Weinrib rug, pink RL grasscloth wallpaper, and unexpected turquoise blue chandelier...make for a cozy space that is both whimsical and sophisticated!

Love Rachel Zoe's black and white kitchen....this seems to be a popular kitchen color scheme of the moment...very sleek and clean.  Also, note the large banquette with sprawling windows.  Scenic breakfast views!

Rachel Zoe's beautiful outdoor terrace (or could it be a greenhouse!?) is perfect for casual entertaining with an Al fresco vibe!

Love the green and gold dot wallpaper in this bedroom of Jaime King's home...I only wish she used it on all of the walls!

Amber Valletta's quaint office space with dark walls and trim, here in a moody-blue tone.  

Again, the color-coded bookshelves, so fun and colorful!

For good (celeb) measure, I had to include George Clooney's bar in his chic Los Cabos home, conveniently located adjacent to pals Randy Gerber and Cindy Crawford.

Another black and white kitchen in Jessica and Jerry Seinfeld's the crisp clean feel.

As a slight contrast to the black and white ones above, Kenneth Cole's kitchen has more of an old world living room vibe with the warm, Persian rug (how brave in a kitchen!), custom La Glaciere wood refrigerator from France, and hammered copper island...I love this style even more for its unique and cozy vibes!!

Designer Jenni Kayne in her 'rustic chic' CA the fresh white-cotton slipcovered banquette against the warm, organic, wood panel walls.

Beautiful, inviting entrance to her home with the wood beams, large windows, abundant foliage...

I am loving examples such as these, of over-scale art, particularly of enlarged photography of water or painted abstract scene...all the subtle blue tones create such a fantastic pop of 3D color in a space...

And last but certainly not least, for the 'Jack-of-all-design-trades,'  Ralph Lauren.  He employs so many distinctive, yet different styles...Here a photo of his Jamaican the mix of styles (traditional/formal Persian rugs and chinoiserie blue and whites mixed with more casual wicker furniture, trunks, and relaxed, local foliage)

Love the neutral white backdrop with pops of bold color...And how about that awesome, quirky bedside table!  Also love the red + hot pink + turquoise color combo!  Arrangement of the books in horizontal and vertical patterns? Design genius in the house!
Quintessential 'rustic-chic' style of Ralph the mis-matched leather chairs, antler chandelier, blue and white stripe textiles...

Another quintessential RL 'sporty/shooting lodge' look with the zebra ottoman, Persian rugs, wood panelling, and cozy jewel-toned color scheme

And let's not forget yet another one of my fav RL styles...his southwest-meets-Americana cabin vibe with Navajo blankets, rugs, Native American artwork, abundance of leather, exposed wood, American Flag motifs, etc...

Add again here....
So many fabulous design inspirations to ponder here....Happy Friday!!

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