Thursday, September 4, 2014

Loving the Roman Shades with Greek Key Trim...

This morning I had a fun visit with a good friend to discuss some interior design projects for her new home.  She recently moved (locally) and wanted to bounce around ideas about different color schemes, fabrics, furniture pieces, etc.  After moving several times over the last decade myself, I know how frustrating it can be to finally complete the gradual process of designing your home to your likeness only to discover it is time to move (and design) again...Of course, it can be a labor of love (if you are into this sort of thing), but time-consuming and expensive nonetheless!!  I have discovered that you really need to LIVE in a space for while and often rearrange (and perhaps re-paint) your spaces until you get it right. Additionally, it can take time and patience to find things at good prices, either through thrifty sources such as estate sales, consignment shops, Home Goods, etc. OR though annual promotional events through retail sources.  For example, we were able to buy our Restoration Hardware dining table at a discount by waiting until their 20% off 'friends and family' sale.  With enough inspiration research, trial-and-error, patience, and time, it will all come together.

One of her great ideas was to use roman shades in her family room, so I wanted to throw together some inspiration photos of roman shades with greek key trim.  I love the tailored, modern-yet-traditional vibe these roman shades provide, while also adding a rich graphic detail and pop color.

My only concern was that her family room currently gets alot of great natural light and I was afraid the roman shades may block some of that out.  Particularly the (often) cold and grey climate in which we live, I feel it is important to take advantage of larger windows as much as possible.  But, based on the photos below, it seems you can customize them to hang as short or long as desired.  For example, note how short they are in the dining room with green trim.  Here, they provide that great graphic punch while still allowing the beautiful natural light to drench the space.

The last two photos I included just for fun, as I love the blue and coral color combo of the bedroom and the purple-yet-masculine, cozy, whimsical, outrageous lounge space loaded with color and pattern...Enjoy!!


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