Monday, January 19, 2015

Swooning Over Jewel Tone Velvets...

In a recent Season 5 Downton Abbey episode, Lady Mary wore an exquisite sapphire/navy velvet blue coat with fur trim.  So chic and cozy!

Such jewel tone velvets have been a big hit in both fashion and design in recent years.  This sumptuous, saturated-with-color fabric tends to have a luxurious, formal vibe (think Downton Abbey library below).

Get the Look - Downton Abbey
Red Velvet Sofa in Downton Abbey Library

Yet lately, designers have revived its classic look, mixing it with more contemporary elements such as rustic wood furniture, lucite/glass accent tables, surrounding modern art and textiles, etc. If this recent 'trend' runs its course, the timeless nature of the lush fabric and bold, opulent colors will always be a favorite of mine...

A few House Beautiful images of bold, jewel tones including sapphire, cobalt, peacock blues, emerald and jade greens, hot pinks and red velvets...

Miles Redd

Mary McDonald

via South Shore Decorating Blog

Miles Redd

Inspiration from Other Sources...

Elle Decor

Tory Burch Manhattan Apartment

Elle Decor

50's Arm Chairs with Brass Detail from Galerie Andre Hayat 1st Dibs

A few from Style Carrot Blog....

Elena Letterone

Victoria Hagan

Amanda Nisbet

Annsley McAleer

Frank Roop

Hecker Gutherie

Mary McDonald

Romy Schneider at Coco Chanel Paris apartment by Botti

Todd Alexander Romano AD

Emily Henderson
Coco Kelley

Coco Kelley

Coco Kelley
via South Shore Decorating Blog

Beverly Field

Oh Joy Studio Emily Henderson

Coco Kelley

Homey Oh My Blog

Emily Henderson via Homey Oh My Blog

Sally Clark via Homey Oh My Blog

Jessica Waks via Homey Oh My Blog

Homey Oh My Blog

Homey Oh My Blog

And, some lovely rooms with a pop of color, courtesy of these hot pink velvet accent chairs...

Coco Cozy

Jill Sorensen

Melissa Warner


Which (if any) is your favorite of these sumptuous velvets?

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