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Fun Design Inspiration for Kids' Bedrooms...

A friend recently asked to see photos of my daughter's room, and since my children just switched around rooms, hers is currently in a state of flux...But, I collected a bunch of inspiration photos from various sources to get some ideas going....

I love bedrooms that are young and fun yet versatile, so kids can grow up in them.  So many children's rooms are decorated in pastel and toddler-themed overkill.  Everything is cotton candy pink, or Cinderella, and it just seems this would get old really fast.

When we moved into our current home 18 months ago, I was pleasantly surprised how well my daughter's colorful accessories worked against the neutral tones (shades of taupe, gold, beige) in the room she inherited...The pink Ikat pillows and lamp shades, kelly green x-benches, blue and white chinoisserie vases, sunburst mirrors, artwork, etc. totally popped against the neutral backdrop.  I was amazed by how much I loved it (and sadly, can't seem to find any photos)!  Now I realize it would have been color overload had I painted the walls, ordered window panels, etc.

I always enjoy mixing it up with young/old, traditional/modern elements for a kid's room.  In my experience, I have found that it helps to stick with age-neutral main elements (walls, rugs, furniture) and use accessories such as window treatments, artwork, throw pillows, textiles, etc. to add whimsy and customize a space to gender/age.  Alternatively, you can go with a bold, graphic pattern in the rug or window treatments, since these designs are fun for a child or adult, alike.  Using a child's own artwork (or photography) in a series can be a fun (and economical) way to add personality to a space.

Here are some inspiration pics for both boys and girls....

Ashley Whittaker

Ashley Whittaker

Room for Children by Susanna Salk 

Liz Carroll Interiors

House Beautiful

House Beautiful

Better Homes and Gardens

Suzanne Coleman Bancroft, Elle Decor

House Beautiful


Traditional Home

Interior Collective



Amy Meier Design

Because Its Awesome Blog

Better Homes & Gardens



Chinoiserie Chic Blog




Dimples & Tangles

Domaine Home (Kourtney Kardashian's home)

Elle Decor

Elle Decor

Grant K. Gibson


Inspiration for Decoration Blog

Elle Decor, Ivanka Trump's home

Jessica Buckley Interiors

Julie Rootes Interiors

Julie Rootes Interiors

Katie Ridder

Kriste Michelini - LOVE the Osborne and Little graphic wallpaper, zebra hide rug, and cream drapery with black trim...beautiful and sophisticated!!

Kristy Lee Lyford 



Lotus Bleu Home Decor


Elle Decor

Lonny, Palmer Weiss - love this idea of large scale photography as art...

Parker Kennedy

Elle Decor, Reed Krakoff Home

Sam Allen

Sam Allen

Sarah Coombs Interiors



As mentioned earlier, we recently had a bit of musical-beds in our house.  My daughter decided she wanted to be closer to her oldest brother, Jack, so she swapped rooms with her other brother, Charlie.  Luckily, since her room had a neutral background (taupe walls, window panels, and carpet), we were able to convert her room to a boy's room without much effort.

Our middle son's bedroom (as converted to a boy room)...
(Scott Pease Photography)

Our oldest son's bedroom which has a little separate alcove for another bedroom...
(Scott Pease Photography)

Sadly, I don't have any photos of this room in its earlier feminine state!  Nevertheless, I am now working on tweaking her new space to make it her own.

Since I did not have any photos of her room in our new home, I gathered some photos from our prior Cleveland home below.  She still has many of the same elements.  My husband teased me that her room looked like a collection of odds and ends from a vintage store, but I took that as a compliment (and what does he know about design anyway, geez!!)  I much prefer an eclectic look of various items collected over time, rather than out-of-the-Pottery-Barn-catalog.  It just gives a more authentic and unique look to a space.  

A few notes about this room, which really was a hodge-podge of various elements, but I thought it turned out to be pretty cute for a little girl during her toddler years:

  • We inherited this subtle floral wallpaper (and quirky, vintage light fixture) with the house but decided to keep it, using it as a neutral background for fun colorful accents.
  • The yellow striped dresser is an old piece I painted before moving to Chicago after college (budget friendly!)
  • In lieu of pricey window treatments, I decorated the window with a simple tension rod and little Lilly Pulitzer dresses
  • I hung pink and green paper pom poms from the ceiling to add whimsy
  • Disassembled an old calendar with pretty floral designs and hung them in a series for 'artwork'...
  • Found pillows and bench from Home Goods, OKL, Etsy
  • Inherited a cute vintage dhurrie rug from my Mom...
  • Purchased the sunset painting from my talented uncle, Jim Einspanier (love the pop of pink for a girl's room)

My son's room was also a collection of nautical themed odds and ends, Land of Nod flags, sailboat quilt made by my Mother-in-Law, Sallie, old bookcase built/carved by my grandfather...other items from Home Goods, OKL....

Same room in an earlier state...

My oldest son's room was decorated with a series of framed maps he made in preschool...I love using a child's art in a space!

(I included a photo of our prior master bedroom below, as I love these colors for any kids room as well)  The green walls would be so cute in a girl or boy room!

Carl Staub Photography

The room below was a nursery for our son as a baby, which we later converted to a guest room....

Carl Staub Photography

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