Tuesday, August 30, 2016

More Vintage Kilim Love from ETSY

As mentioned before, we are currently building a tiny log cabin about 1.5 hour drive from our home in Cleveland.  It has been my husband's work-away-from-work lately, certainly a labor of love! Surprisingly, although I have been out to the property to hike around the woods, play with the kids, go four-wheeling, etc., I have not seen it since they laid the foundation.  I helped with some fixture selections, tile, granite, etc., from afar, but otherwise this has been HIS baby!

He recently mentioned we may need some small area rugs, and I found a TON of cool vintage kilims on Etsy.  Some of my favorites are below.  Normally, I would not feel comfortable purchasing a typically-investment-grade piece, such as a rug, online.  HOWEVER, I had great luck with my last purchase, so I am inclined to think there are trustworthy sources out there.  Also, most of these prices are VERY reasonable, so we are not talking museum-quality rugs here.  Most of these are under $1K. I just love the unique, one-of-a-kind nature of these little works of art.  In terms of design, with their bold colors and graphic patterns, I think they can breathe such life into a space!  Enjoy...

Vintage,Free shipping,Turkish Kilim Rug,Kilim,Home decor,Home Living,Decorative Kilim Rug,Handwoven kilim rug, 9'8x6'8  feet(295x204)cm.

Turkish  Kilim Rug 108.26''x49.21'' Anatolian Kilim Rug,Vintage Kilim Rug,Handmade Kilim Rug

Ksshkuli Vintage Persian Kilim Rug, 5'5" x 9'9"

turkish kilim rug, vintage kilim rug, anatolian kilim, handwoven rug MN131

OLD VINTAGE Turkish Flatweave Wool Kilim Runner Rug, 35" X 106,3"

Colorful vintage kilim rug 8x5 ft

Traditional Muti Color Anatolia Wool Kilim RUG, Kelim Rug ,Vintage Nice Kilim For Home Decor

11' X 5'5" Vintage Handwoven moroccan Kilim rug, moroccan Kilim rug,Highest quality vintage kilim rug on etsy vintage old kilim rug ,kelim

6'9" x 4'9", Very Unique Turkish kilim rug, area rug, kilim rug, vintage rug, bohemian rug, Turkish rug, large rugs

8'5" x 5'2" Kilim rug, Vintage Turkish kilim rug, kilim rug, rug, vintage rug, bohemian rug, Turkish rug, rug, light purple

8'9" X 5'2" Vintage Turkish rug, rugs, BRIGHT colored area rug,  rug, bohemian rug, eccentric rug, diamond design, orange kilim

16 x 16 inch kilim pillow,handwoven pillow cover,turkish pillow,vintage pillow,authentic pillow cover,

Size-10'6x2'11ft beautiful stunning kilim runner ,handmade kilim ,tribal kilim

VINTAGE Turkish Kilim Runner Rug,From Antalya Barak Kilim Runner Rug,Rugs,33,4" X 135"

4'3"x10'7" Semi-antique Persian Hamadan Runner

3'7"x10'2" Semi-antique Persian Hamadan Runner

12'6" X 6'1" Vintage Handwoven Kilim rug,vintage old turkish rug ,tukish rug,bohemian kelim rug ,Highest quality turkish rug on etsy

Free shipping,Home decor,Vintage,Kilim,Home Living,Turkish Kilim Rug,Decorative Kilim Rug,Handwoven kilim rug, 9'8x7'2  feet(295x220)cm.

Over size Turkish Kilim Rug,Decorative Anatolian Rug,Flat Weaving Kilim Rug,Large Rug,Home Decor Turkish Rug,136x118 inches,345x300 cm

Old Handmade Kilim 9'1x5' feet (277x153) cm. free shipping,Anatolian rug, Turkish kilim,Home decor, Old kilim rug, wool kilim rug Vintage

Turkish  Kilim Rug 92.51''x68.89'' Anatolian Kilim Rug,Vintage Kilim Rug,Handmade Kilim Rug

Happy fall y'all! (Is it really fall yet? because it feels like SUMMER!)

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